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Re: Paid In Full by NoSage 26-Aug-07/11:05 PM
It is true that they will find their way in time. I liked the thought put into this one. I didn't care for their father made the grade. I sounds to cocky. But all in all very interesting thought process.
Re: Stand by me by Cougarchic 26-Aug-07/11:06 PM
I liked the ending verse. To plain need more of a messeage.
Re: Void and Vitality by MacFrantic 26-Aug-07/11:08 PM
I liked the deepness of this.
Re: Hurt by Cougarchic 26-Aug-07/11:09 PM
very nice. A good read.
Re: The Critical and His Horse by MacFrantic 26-Aug-07/11:11 PM
I liked the third line. Need an ending.
Re: The Masonic Underling & the 33 degree by horus8 26-Aug-07/11:12 PM
Not bad, needs a message? Ya think?
Re: Prometheus sang for vultures by horus8 26-Aug-07/11:13 PM
Short and to the point. Not suttle enough. Tone it down and add to it.
Re: 9/11 by dougsoderstrom 26-Aug-07/11:37 PM
Very insightful words. My oldest son that is 25 now has been to Iraq twice now. God Bless him. I like this poem very much. Good description.
Re: Life As a Boat by dougsoderstrom 26-Aug-07/11:37 PM
Interesting. Waves of time is cool.
Re: A Friend in the Night by Joi 26-Aug-07/11:54 PM
I love this one! It says so much.
Re: Scurvey by horus8 26-Aug-07/11:58 PM
I didn't care for your wording in this one. Keep trying different styles.
Re: Fireworks on an Open Sky by capachijim 26-Aug-07/11:58 PM
Nice feel to this Haiku. Beatiful thought it brings to me. Thanks.
Re: The Lordy only knows why tornados have no nose by Bachus 26-Aug-07/11:59 PM
Re: Life As a Boat by dougsoderstrom 26-Aug-07/11:59 PM
very crisp. I liked it.
Re: Scurvey by horus8 27-Aug-07/12:00 AM
Not good in my opinion.
Re: Feeling Like A Mask by wilco 29-Aug-07/8:35 PM
Interesting wording
Re: George Bush, Jesus Christ, and the good ole US of A! by dougsoderstrom 4-Sep-07/4:41 PM
You've got that right! My son is also 25 and has been to Iraq twice and they want him to go a third? What is up with all that? I liked your poem.

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