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George Bush, Jesus Christ, and the good ole US of A! (Free verse) by dougsoderstrom
Angry men go to war, George Bush is an angry man, He will likely go to war, Christ did not retalilate, War is a form of retaliation, War is not Christ-like, Many say that the United States is a Christian nation, Christian nations are not perennially at war, Perhaps then, The United States is not a Christian nation, And then one might ask: Is George Bush a Christian? Thank you----Nicholas

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Posted: October 23, 2002 9:37 AM PDT; Last modified: October 24, 2002 8:24 AM PDT
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[0] Tintagiles @ | 23-Oct-02/11:22 AM | Reply
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Remarkalbly boring, this series.
[0] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ | 23-Oct-02/12:25 PM | Reply
perhaps than you are a FUCKING TEN LB. GALLSTONE SQUEEZING YOUR TINY FUCKING HEAD OUT OF MY URETHRA AND THEN plop tidal wave from the toilet...legs fly out from under neath head cracks toilet...u.p.s rings doorbell...WHAT! WHAT!..."sir we have your anrthrax right here"....pie in my face. you sir are tasteless..
[0] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ | 23-Oct-02/12:26 PM | Reply
part 3? part 3? lol! wow! you leave tons to mystery with the first two.
could you please jettison from your vehicle soon, on i 75. thanks.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 23-Oct-02/1:12 PM | Reply
They are not always at war? Since when? what papers do you read?
[9] Nicholas Jones @ | 24-Oct-02/6:47 AM | Reply
By the way, are you really a professor? Should I call you Prof. Doug?
[n/a] dougsoderstrom @ > Nicholas Jones | 24-Oct-02/8:02 AM | Reply
Dear Nicholas:
Thank you very much for your kind responses, and your appreciation for my style. In fact, I am, not a prof, but, just a regular community college Instructor of Psychology doing my best to learn how to become a, hopefully, fairly decent writer and, perhaps even, poet.

Thanks again,
[n/a] dougsoderstrom @ > Nicholas Jones | 24-Oct-02/8:03 AM | Reply
Again Nicholas, I will take you up on your suggestion and put the three together-----Thanks,

[n/a] UnityMitford @ > dougsoderstrom | 24-Oct-02/9:36 AM | Reply
there's not much poetry in this poem. besides, bill clinton was the biggest warmonger US president since truman dropped the Bombs on the Japs. what were the crusades all about if christianity isn't for warmongers? look at Pope Alexander VI. he had the biggest standing army of any organized religion in the history of this race of ours. who said it first: "alas, so many poems, so few poets"?
[0] razorgrin @ | 24-Oct-02/12:03 PM | Reply
yaaaargh! the crap!
[0] Tintagiles @ | 24-Oct-02/12:06 PM | Reply
This is no better. It is still a badly put statement of the very obvious. It's as idiotic as anything Bush ever said.

Actually, if it was written this badly as an ironic statement on Bush's inability to speak coherently, it's a work of genius. But I somehow doubt that.
[10] rosiebailey @ | 25-Oct-02/2:18 AM | Reply
Great Poem
George bush just wants to blow everyone up so that he is remembered like abraham, but he is going to be remembered as crazy
[9] Nicholas Jones @ | 28-Oct-02/3:36 AM | Reply
I think it works much better as a single poem. People out there should also realise politics is a valid poetic subject.
[n/a] dougsoderstrom @ > Nicholas Jones | 28-Oct-02/6:08 AM | Reply
Dear Nicholas:

Thanks for your help. That was a good call.

[9] Nicholas Jones @ | 30-Oct-02/5:19 AM | Reply
I just thought I'd tell you that I've just had lunch in my university canteen, and outside there were people lying on the floor, covered in fake blood pretending to Iraqi bomb victims. This may not be a very dignified way to protest, and it probably trivialises the whole thing, but it shows opposition to war may well be spreading.
[n/a] dougsoderstrom @ > Nicholas Jones | 30-Oct-02/6:06 AM | Reply
Dear Nicholas:
Thanks for sharing that very interesting piece of information with me. And there is probably a great deal of "potential truth" in the scene that you saw on the campus. By the way which college are attending? Thanks again.

[9] Nicholas Jones @ > dougsoderstrom | 30-Oct-02/7:11 AM | Reply
I attend the University of Wales, Swansea, in the UK. Possibly Wales's premier university, although people in Cardiff might disagree.
[2] Bachus @ | 30-Oct-02/10:03 AM | Reply
it could also just be that the little yellow bus is broke down and it's halloween...bombing is bad, saddam is also bad...hire the washington sniper put him on peyote and tell him he's on a
mission from all-ah to kill saddam and replace finally bring peace...amen and the old testament could you...please. thanks war! war! more war! that is all...aries has to stretch a little too...otherwise we grow nerdy as a physical people, and that my friend leads to bad breeding and deformities...good day.
[9] Nicholas Jones @ | 6-Nov-02/1:37 AM | Reply
Just for you, here's my very bad Bush limerick:

There was a young man named George Bush
Who had no brains but a headful of mush
He wanted a war
No-one knew quite what for
To avenge an old man named George Bush?
[n/a] dougsoderstrom @ > Nicholas Jones | 6-Nov-02/6:24 AM | Reply

Very nice poem. It certainly expresses my sntiments very well.

Here's another limerick in regards to Good old George:

There was a young man named George Bush,
His brains were stored in his tush,
He took an big shit,
And became an instant hit,
With the American people--------- who somehow seemed to like it.
[0] razorgrin @ | 6-Nov-02/6:20 AM | Reply
it's like really bad syllogisms, but crappier.
[9] Nicholas Jones @ | 6-Nov-02/7:23 AM | Reply
There was a strange man named George Bush
Who seemed in some sort of a rush:
For he won an election
When he should have been sectioned
That crazy young man named George Bush!
[n/a] dougsoderstrom @ > Nicholas Jones | 6-Nov-02/11:41 AM | Reply
There was a young man named King George,
On food he would often gorge,
He ate a whole lot,
Shit out his guts on the pot,
The American people ate it and said they liked it alot!

[n/a] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ | 26-May-03/10:02 PM | Reply
Christain, Christain, Christian. Jesu have mercy on your soul, you take one concept and apply it while forgetting all the rest. For instance, Judge lest not ye be judged, love thy neighbor, and you ignore the majority of christian history. How many crusades have there been? George's point of view(or the one he has tryed to express) is that he is helping his nieghbor(Iraq) by being its doctor and cutting out the diseased tissue. Look you have faith in god right? Well I have to call you one of little faith. If god, has a plan for everything, than he has a reason to have W. leading our nation. Cap him all you want but don't dog his faith cause you don't believe that for whatever reason he should be there.

P.S. Christ is supposedly perfect, Men are not. Remember that.
[5] Joi @ | 4-Sep-07/4:41 PM | Reply
You've got that right! My son is also 25 and has been to Iraq twice and they want him to go a third? What is up with all that? I liked your poem.
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