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Re: Ted & Santa Go Gay by Edna Sweetlove daniella ::1 8-Oct-17/7:25 PM
Re: Pandora's Box by Edna Sweetlove daniella ::1 8-Oct-17/7:30 PM
puh lease
Re: Making a Man by Christof daniella 8-Oct-17/9:06 PM
i feel the memories biting through. this is lovely. and i love how you are alluding to the inner man and the outer snow man at once...
Re: Hey by impert&ent Lenore ::1 16-Oct-17/1:31 PM
See me.
Re: A spectacular poem by a handsome man by <{Baba^Yaga}> Lenore 16-Oct-17/2:07 PM
You had me at "coalishly pinched twin sink holes."
Re: The Ballad of Fraser Allonby Q.C., Barrister-At-Law by wFraser Allonby Q.C.w Lenore ::1 16-Oct-17/2:14 PM
"I wear only the best" could've been better. Yeah, that line sucks. The rest, flows like stuff that flows good. 6
Re: Cupid promised me, Nadine by Shardik Lenore 16-Oct-17/2:22 PM
I give the comments a 7! Bravo!
Re: Muslim woman at the office by zodiac Lenore 16-Oct-17/2:42 PM
Awww shucks, no husks. The quote from the pool party has no place in the office. 4
Re: Victoria Applesmack and the Easy to Clean Wonder-Spleen by T. Jonathron Remp Lenore 17-Oct-17/2:58 PM
Tardigrades need friends too!
Re: If A Goat by impert&ent T. Jonathron Remp 17-Oct-17/3:13 PM
-0-, but +1 for not being actual face poison
Re: Mad by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp 17-Oct-17/3:15 PM
This poem is so bad it's bad. I'd rather look at homeless knees for 10 minutes.
Re: Crop Circle by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp 17-Oct-17/3:17 PM
This poem makes me want to be inside of a tree enveloped completely by tree matter and possibly choke on sap -8-
Re: Pedophile by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp ::1 17-Oct-17/3:18 PM
If native plainsmen considered this poem to be a 12th elemental construct of reality, I would annihilate their genetic lineage entire with a hydrogen bomb -3-
Re: Hollywood Is The Pits by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp ::1 17-Oct-17/3:20 PM
There is not one single causal strand of the many worlds multiverse that would not have a higher mean expected utility for its constituent beings in which this poem also exists -4-
Re: that time i asked about dying by nypoet22 SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/10:53 PM
Wtf is a tashlich mofo? I give it six. It's got more potential though.
Re: Life in the Z-Zone by T. Jonathron Remp SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/10:56 PM
/me farts.
Re: And on and on and on by nentwined SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/10:58 PM
Re: "The Zebra's Hoofbeats" by Lenore SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/11:05 PM
I like your word play. The beginning was great... Then it got a lil tedious. I can tell the ending was an attempt to fit in with your title... Title comes last, don't be constricted by it. Six, but you got a ten in there.
Re: alcohol is home. by SupremeDreamer -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 19-Jun-18/4:55 PM
A profoundly silly piece. I can't be bothered to dig up the original Checkliste, but this bulgingly stupid offering certainly ticks a few dunce-boxes: [X] Arbitrary line breaks [X] Clerical errors [X] Cliched imagery (gazing out of window, pits of despair) [X] 'Depression' words (putrid, wretched, darkness) [X] Devoid of alliteration or any such linguistic embellishments [X] Devoid of rhyme [X] Devoid of simile, reification or any such literary devices [X] Devoid of wondrous or fantastical imagery [X] Drug reference [X] Melodramatic [X] Overabundance of ellipses [X] Pointedly unanswered questions [X] Self-obsessed -10-
Re: alcohol is home. by SupremeDreamer SupremeDreamer ::1 19-Jun-18/5:05 PM
It is a sad day that I must say that I miss my old nemesis!

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