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hate (Free verse) by ts
I hate u 4 wot u did 2 me, The mths of hurt u put me thru, At that time i wished i was dead, But now i no i won instead. I thort i knew u, Ii thort u wa ok,but, Thta nite everything changed, You took it upon u 2 do wot u did, Now i hope ur wracked with guilt. You think u won, because, It ddnt go 2 court Truth is u didnt and soon ur day will come When u'll regret wot uv done. I wish u were DEAD,and, Off this earth, It would b ym pleasure 2 put u thru so much hurt, So i can get on with all lifes worth Revenge is sweet, Revenge is great, I'll get my revenge on u 1 day.

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Down the ladder: L.O.V.E.

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Arithmetic Mean: 3.2916667
Weighted score: 3.3031003
Overall Rank: 13616
Posted: November 16, 2002 11:26 AM PST; Last modified: November 16, 2002 11:26 AM PST
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[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 16-Nov-02/12:08 PM | Reply
You might consider replacing 'hate' with 'h8'
[0] Bachus @ | 17-Nov-02/9:21 PM | Reply
i hate you too. But with alot more fucking passion. bet money. word. 0. by the way. you need a puppy and a spanking.
[0] Tintagiles @ | 2-Dec-02/7:15 PM | Reply
Dear God. Please, please, PLEASE tell me the spelling mistakes were on purpose. PLEASE.
[5] Heather Dee @ | 11-Sep-05/6:45 AM | Reply
I liked the poem just not all the spelling errors
[1] Sisterwolf @ | 28-Dec-05/11:55 AM | Reply
Was this a parody of poetry? Because if it isn't,
you are not serious about your craft.
I have but one suggestion, toss it and try again.
[10] Edna Sweetlove @ | 11-Jun-06/6:02 PM | Reply
Total shite
[0] Ulterius @ | 9-Sep-06/3:42 AM | Reply
I've seen better things written in shit on public toilets.
Even without the ridiculous spelling errors you still have no originality and no rhyme scheme. I expect you'll enjoy this comment, however, as it will give the opportunity to write a poem about 'tht fkn btch hu slagd of mi poem, lyk.'
Go on. Slag me off. I dare you.

Utter tripe, and well deserving of being in the 'worst.'
[5] conny lingers @ | 23-Jan-23/10:06 AM | Reply
trash - not worthy of a place in the bottom 20
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