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Jill Stockinger 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 Last Post: 23-May-22/12:23 PM
Make it easy- a choice- to choose and see your own poems. I posted 3--is there a way for me to see them in their entirety? Jill

SupremeDreamer Last Post: 20-Apr-20/11:29 AM
Nentwined, this isn't a suggestion, but a request for assistance: I was wondering if you could possibly email me all the poems I've posted here on my various monickers. Reply to post or e-mail me at

Joi Last Post: 15-Jan-17/5:31 PM
My suggestion would be that vain and profane poetry be taken off this site. It is tasteless and vulger.

daniella Last Post: 30-Jan-15/1:42 PM
I went to post a poem, my second of the day and I received this: Permission Failed: Members are limited to posting a maximum of one poem every two days (after the initial 3 you get for joining). See "Your poems" for the last poem you posted. Long-est[...]

Stephen Robins Last Post: 16-Aug-14/10:33 AM
Totally rad to be back.

nentwined Last Post: 11-Mar-13/4:05 AM
On a new server. I suggest that it might not crash as often, and be stable for a few more years. Sounds nice, yeah? :)

anonymous Last Post: 22-May-10/2:12 PM
Could it be that all these new users, people who don't post poems, vote, or comment, but only put cryptic messages on the homepages, are using you, nentwined?

SupremeDreamer Last Post: 15-Oct-09/5:14 AM
Nentwined, you need to fix some issues with the site: 1: The font size is fucking tiny without fiddling with IE's accessibility settings and utilizing the zoom function. Did you intend to us to use a magnifying glass to browse this site? 2: If you lo[...]

half.italian Last Post: 14-Apr-09/5:56 PM
This site has gone to shit.... To bad. It was fun once.

Bill Z Bub Last Post: 5-Mar-09/2:14 AM
I think people that have been members of this site for more than two years should be allowed to post at least one poem a day. Please take this into serious consideration. -William Zanzibar Bubbington III

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