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[DELETED USER] Last Post: 30-Jul-08/3:39 AM
The site leaves poems up that have been exposed as plagiarism ... see Bobjim and all 'his' works. Surely a potential lawsuit hangs like the sword of Damocles over the site?

nentwined Last Post: 22-Apr-08/8:05 PM
Probably time to make it so people can post a little more frequently, eh?

anonymous Last Post: 20-Mar-08/10:07 AM
Screen for plagiarism. This would take bobjim off the site, but hey.

Katie Last Post: 19-Sep-07/11:30 PM
I agree with the suggestion directly below me. But I also have a question. Does anyone know what the orange 'RSS' button on the side of my name means??? Thanks for any help!

anonymous Last Post: 10-Sep-07/2:33 PM
ive recently joined this site and im just stunned at how many nasty ,horrible ,too much to say ,must be bored shitless people there is on this site.what the hell is wrong with you ,have you nothing better to do than think up bitchy nasty totally uncalled f[...]

SupremeDreamer Last Post: 4-Sep-07/10:12 AM
What the fuck happened to this place... it feels like some goddamn ghost town and smells like old jissom and sour wine. Just isn't the same rectal drip as I had been accustomed to... rather dull I must say, specially with rockmage being the only really act[...]

nentwined Last Post: 26-Aug-07/11:34 PM
Welcome the National Post! If you're new, it could help to introduce yourself. Then again, it could hurt. I'm really curious how the article went (but I have a copy on its way to me, so I'll know soon enough, I hope).

anonymous Last Post: 28-Jul-07/2:02 PM
Sometimes I don't want to write or read bad poetry. Sometimes I'd like to read what others are reading, and share what I am reading. What's the legality of posting copywrited material? What about setting up a concurrent database to post stuff that[...]

Ranger Last Post: 8-Jun-07/2:26 AM
New conteste! It has been decreed that we must discover the funniest comment that was not been posted by -=Dark_Angel=- on these beautiful blue screens. The winner will receive the prestige of being unofficially the best comment in all of poemeranker's [...]

half.italian Last Post: 17-May-07/8:59 AM
Check out this site to listen to some contemporary poets read their work.

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