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anonymous @ | 28-Apr-07/7:08 PM | Reply
Sometimes I don't want to write or read bad poetry.
Sometimes I'd like to read what others are reading, and share what I am reading.

What's the legality of posting copywrited material? What about setting up a concurrent database to post stuff that _other_ people (professionals) have written?

Somehow I think this will scare you.

half.italian @ | 28-Apr-07/7:09 PM | Reply
Above is me. :)
nentwined @ > half.italian | 28-Apr-07/11:07 PM | Reply
legality depends on copyright. It's not an accepted practice here, however, regardless. I expect any poetry actually in the public domain can be found online, though.
SupremeDreamer @ | 28-Jul-07/2:02 PM | Reply
Then go search online for it? eh?

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