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SupremeDreamer 28-Jul-07/2:45 PM
What the fuck happened to this place... it feels like some goddamn ghost town and smells like old jissom and sour wine. Just isn't the same rectal drip as I had been accustomed to... rather dull I must say, specially with rockmage being the only really active ranker, who I think has taken the position of ultimate dullard. There's nothing more pathetically sad than a man who is left wondering "what happened to the 'good ole days'...". What a horribly wilted tit of a cliche that is.

I think the only thing that keeps me from erasing my existence from this site is that the ranker serves as the only means to keep a copy & record of my fucking meager pennings. Being a bum, "the decay of western society", leaves me with few options in that regard.

The ranker needs a fucking mainline injection of amphetamine so it's collective shitbrain goes super nova. That or perhaps I should just smoke a lil more and drink some and masturbate my wantings into oblivion. Why am I even posting this stupid "Suggestion"? I'm not sure, I'm not even on any drugs as of yet. Pfft and bow'ls to all.

Wheres Jesus with his winged sandals & the Holy Enema when you need him eh?

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