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nentwined Last Post: 26-Feb-07/8:22 PM
Poetry contest! One day only! SCROTUM! "I'm still convinced that librarians are, by and large, our friends. In order to make it possible for them to stock that Newberry Award winning book, we need to accustom people to the word "scrotum." To which end[...]

anonymous Last Post: 19-Feb-07/7:57 AM
Why not just give up on this site?

Ranger Last Post: 16-Feb-07/3:17 PM
Good to see the eagerness to comment and participate is burning with its usual white-hot splendour! Ace!

Ranger Last Post: 15-Feb-07/7:00 PM
Please introduce the option of posting a "-bow'ls-" vote, below the zero, and a "~beard~" vote below the -bow'ls-.

Nicholas Jones Last Post: 11-Feb-07/3:41 AM
Rockmage appears to have methodically given me zero for all of my poems. Please give him / her / it an award as soon as possible for this behaviour; it makes the rest of us look normal, well adjusted and sensible, and less like the freaks we are. Excellent[...]

nentwined Last Post: 8-Feb-07/4:39 AM
What's the worst thing you've seen on the site that you think could be printed in a newspaper? Take a trawl through the worst poems. Poemranker just got interviewed, and the paper's interested in possibly including a few from the worst list--author permi[...]

half.italian Last Post: 1-Feb-07/4:25 AM
When a user tries to leave a comment or reply, you should add a check to see if the user is logged in before giving them the form. If they aren't logged in, redirect them to the login page. I've tried to leave comments several times only to find out af[...]

anonymous Last Post: 31-Jan-07/4:36 AM
Support Administrator, Request immediate assistance in restricting the following member from making obscene and derogetory comments about my poetry posted here: Dovina I strongly feel that this member harasses other members at this webs[...]

Stephen Robins Last Post: 12-Jan-07/8:01 PM
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while:

Stephen Robins Last Post: 3-Nov-06/9:45 AM
Perhaps the defiler of the "best" list should be given a pair of onanistic wings.

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