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anonymous Last Post: 19-Nov-03/6:53 PM
how come i'm supposed to recieve comments by e-mail but haven't gotten an e-mail for any of my comments lately?

nentwined Last Post: 10-Nov-03/4:33 PM
*#&^$. :) I forgot (or rebroke?) that reply posting was a little broken. In comments. On poem details. I don't remember if it's broken elsewhere. Symptom: open up two comments to reply to. Whichever was loaded last is what gets replied to, reg[...]

anonymous Last Post: 13-Oct-03/9:54 AM
Complaints about this poem? ----> not currently implemented, sorry. Chat ----> The page cannot be displayed Recent ----> Error: Sorry about that. Not sure what happened, but it wasn't pretty.

anonymous Last Post: 14-Sep-03/10:28 PM
Would be nice ot have a links utility so that I can link to other people's poems and/or have a buddy list.

anonymous Last Post: 8-Aug-03/6:52 AM
How about being able to edit poems without reposting them to the recent poems listing? That way, making minor changes wouldn't necessarily put the poem up top again.

King Abdullah II Last Post: 10-Jul-03/9:21 PM
I suggest that you find some way of preventing people from stealing other people's usernames. I have been distraught to see that someone has registered my name as "Jeremi B. Handrinos" - with a "period" or "full stop" (or indeed "dot") after the B and has [...]

wCUNTw Last Post: 13-Jun-03/3:58 AM
How about a poemranker book, published commercially and sold in the bookshops? Please post your responses. There are four points I want people to consider. (1) Who will choose which poems should go in the book? All the users, with the usual voting devic[...]

ropeytrajectory Last Post: 8-Jun-03/8:53 AM
Is there a chance we could put an off-site image of ourselves on our user page (ie put it up somewhere else, photoisland or geocities and then link to it)?? It would help personalize our work. Plus, I am very handsome. You could limit the size both in pixe[...]

dmzoacan Last Post: 15-Mar-03/12:57 PM
The best section is uninteresting, and useless. How about a new/notable section, where the top 20 rated poems of the past week or two are displayed? Also, how about some POLLS or surveys or simple and fun interactive features? How about custimizeable color[...]

anonymous Last Post: 6-Sep-02/2:58 AM
You have more users now but I see that you don't use your site for any sort of commercial or noncommercial advertisements, which is a very good thing. But how can you survive? I mean are there no costs to you for managing and maintaining the site?

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