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wCUNTw @ | 4-Jun-03/1:37 AM | Reply
How about a poemranker book, published commercially and sold in the bookshops? Please post your responses. There are four points I want people to consider.

(1) Who will choose which poems should go in the book? All the users, with the usual voting device? Or should there be an editorial committee?

(2) Who would take the profits, in the event that there were any? Mr Kaolin Fire? Or the poets whose work was featured? Split between all the contributors, individual royalty cheques would be very small. Bearing this in mind, would people be willing to waive copyright? How else would copyright issues be resolved when everyone is anonymous?

(3) What does Mr Kaolin Fire have to say on the subject?

(4) Or - and this is a real concern - would a poemranker book just bring too much publicity and ruin the site?

-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 4-Jun-03/5:50 AM | Reply
This would never work, for a simple reason: the best poemes on poemeranker are AIDS in a Van, AIDS in a Glass and AIDS Bonanza!. If you were to publish these in a book there would be outrage. Piles of the books would be burnt in the streets. Eventually the FBI would get involved and shut down poemeranker. If you didn't put them in the book, then you would have to live the rest of your life in shame, knowing that you'd sold out poetry for publicity and profit. Good day to you Sir.
Mona Lisa @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 13-Jun-03/3:58 AM | Reply
AIDS in a glass changed my life.
thepinkbunnyofdoom @ | 5-Jun-03/3:58 PM | Reply
(1) Would have to be Kaolin Fire and An editorial staff of his choosing.
(2) Profits would Have to got to Kaolin Fire and his investors, cause otherwise it'd be too tedious. All artist within said book would have to grant permisson for each poem posted, waiving royalties, and several other legal rights.
(3) I'm not him so I can't answer Honestly
(4) A poemranker book although a Nice Idea seems like it'd take too long a time and you'd have to have a cut off date cause poetry is being posted everyday. Publicity, might be a concern to be worried about, but not nearly so much as marketing the book.

If D.A. has any say of what goes into the book, yes it will be somewhat humorish, but I think the good poems would be left out. Although His Nude Evelopment Site, Would be a nice prose that should be included should this book Idea amount to anything.
anonymous @ > thepinkbunnyofdoom | 5-Jun-03/5:55 PM | Reply
Watching your sense of childish morality struggling your your brave cognitive faculties, only to be overwhelmed by your massive gullibility, is the most whimsical jape of the season!
RealmOfSong @ > anonymous | 11-Jun-03/8:45 PM | Reply
this post by "anonymous" was a bit of a poem in itself... i like how it sounds...

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