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nentwined @ | 13-Mar-07/11:03 AM | Reply
Welcome the National Post! If you're new, it could help to introduce yourself. Then again, it could hurt. I'm really curious how the article went (but I have a copy on its way to me, so I'll know soon enough, I hope).

Stephen Robins @ | 14-Mar-07/10:06 AM | Reply
WOW hello candians or should I say bonjour! No I should not that would make me a cunt.
Blindpoetry @ | 14-Mar-07/7:09 PM | Reply
Well at least give them a watch. Vote on some new pieces. Don't dig around old garbage. It doesn't hurt my feelings, but eh. If they want to dig in old garbage, I guess that is the Canadian way, AY?
Stephen Robins @ | 22-Mar-07/9:03 AM | Reply
I have yet to see a sudden surge of users or anything on the National Post website - have they been wasting your time?
nentwined @ > Stephen Robins | 22-Mar-07/9:47 AM | Reply
no surge; slight influx. nice nonetheless.
Stephen Robins @ > nentwined | 22-Mar-07/9:49 AM | Reply
Where is the article?
nentwined @ > Stephen Robins | 22-Mar-07/10:29 AM | Reply
paper only. I'll ask if I can reproduce it for logged in members or something. full page!
Stephen Robins @ > nentwined | 12-Apr-07/8:03 AM | Reply
How'd you get on. Did they mentioned Max Stockinger?
Ranger @ > Stephen Robins | 22-Mar-07/1:44 PM | Reply
There was a sort of splurge of users last week, but nothing monumental.
anonymous @ > Ranger | 12-Apr-07/4:00 PM | Reply
It was monumental. Monumentally gay.
Nicholas Jones @ > anonymous | 16-May-07/3:18 PM | Reply
The casual homophobia that is rampant on this site really fucking annoys me.
anonymous @ > Nicholas Jones | 17-May-07/3:08 AM | Reply
anonymous @ > anonymous | 17-May-07/4:02 AM | Reply
Yes. Do you have a problem with that?
anonymous @ > anonymous | 17-May-07/5:07 AM | Reply
If you are prepared to seek psychiatric assistance without delay to cure your illness, no.

Otherwise, yes.

HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!! :-)
Stephen Robins @ > anonymous | 17-May-07/8:48 AM | Reply
I find a beating is much more effective!!! It certainly cured me. I only think about men's bums in legitimate ways now, like aren't I glad I have one or my legs would fall off!!!
Joi @ | 26-Aug-07/11:34 PM | Reply
I wish you well on your Poetry contest.

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