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nentwined @ | 19-Jun-11/5:21 PM | Reply
On a new server. I suggest that it might not crash as often, and be stable for a few more years. Sounds nice, yeah? :)

nentwined @ | 19-Jun-11/5:22 PM | Reply
Although I'll admit emailing notifications is still (newly) broken on the new server. Should get to that this week.
anonymous @ | 1-Jul-11/4:15 PM | Reply
Why? Everybody has left. Sad. It was so good.
nentwined @ > anonymous | 14-Sep-11/10:48 AM | Reply
Why work on it? Well, there's the chance people will come back? Right? ... right?

No, I just can't let go. Dunno.
Blindpoetry @ > nentwined | 27-Feb-12/8:55 PM | Reply
I always come back every now and then and check up on things! Lookin' pretty good. ...Alright, bye!
nentwined @ > Blindpoetry | 29-May-12/4:07 PM | Reply
nentwined @ | 14-Sep-11/10:48 AM | Reply
I suggest that maybe emails are working
anonymous @ > nentwined | 22-Sep-11/1:30 PM | Reply
No they are not! what the goddamed hell is wrong with everybody. iTS THE BEST GODDAMED POET SITE ON THE DAMN WEB, and they have all left it. The bastards! Stupid Idiots!
SupremeDreamer @ > anonymous | 12-Feb-13/3:03 PM | Reply
Correction: WAS the best goddamned poetry site on the web... I blame facebook and other things. *sigh* I miss the good ole days. Most of the old folks don't bother anymore, and yeah.. It's fucking sad.
nentwined @ | 19-Oct-12/5:17 AM | Reply
Alright. On a new server! Really!? Really. This one seems a lot faster than the last, though it has no good reason for that. Don't know what's going on, but if poemranker doesn't need restarting 10 times a day (I had a script to check), I'll call it a blessing!
nentwined @ > nentwined | 19-Oct-12/3:56 PM | Reply
still working on it. may have found a pivot point.
-=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Jan-13/3:39 PM | Reply
You might have replaced the server, but it's still riddled with errors. Errors like: the latest comments are often missed out unless you check the "including replies to comments" box. For pity's sake man, nobody uses jsp these days. You're a living in the naughties.
Agreed. _I_ haven't used jsp since then. This site is just going to take a fair amount of time to redo, and dedicating time to that is at _best_ a catch 22....
SupremeDreamer @ | 12-Feb-13/3:05 PM | Reply
Good riddance... there were plenty of times I tried to access the site only to find that it wouldn't come up. Scared me actually.
nentwined @ > SupremeDreamer | 11-Mar-13/4:05 AM | Reply
And again! Working on it, anyway....
nentwined @ | 10-Mar-13/7:47 PM | Reply
And on a new, new, NEW server (we're not counting anymore, right?). This one is much more spiff than any of the previous since the first, by at least an order of magnitude. Just need to work out the rest of the kinks (and some day, rewrite the site, right?).

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