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SupremeDreamer @ | 15-Oct-09/5:14 AM | Reply
Nentwined, you need to fix some issues with the site:

1: The font size is fucking tiny without fiddling with IE's accessibility settings and utilizing the zoom function. Did you intend to us to use a magnifying glass to browse this site?

2: If you look at some of the longer posts, you'll find that the word wrapping stops at a certain point; then it becomes one long sentence. You have to scroll horizontally to the right in order to read it. It's tedious and it makes discerning line breaks and structure a real pain in the arse.

3: The blue highlighting on the user info pages is irritating and hard to read. Why the fuck did you do that in the first place? It doesn't make it look cool; rather, it induces one to practice voodoo sorcery in order to consummate grim vengeance.

I, and probably many others, would appreciate it if you would take it upon yourself to meliorate these issues.


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