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Joi @ | 29-Aug-07/3:57 PM | Reply
My suggestion would be that vain and profane poetry be taken off this site. It is tasteless and vulger.

Joi @ | 29-Aug-07/4:01 PM | Reply
I agree whole heartedly.
Dovina @ > Joi | 31-Aug-07/5:26 PM | Reply
Oh good, you agree with you. Did you even read my criticism of your work? You did not respond to straightforward comment, but you find it neat to lash out against vulgarities. Consider the log in your own eye before picking the lint in others'.
anonymous @ > Dovina | 3-Sep-07/3:17 AM | Reply
What a cunt, can't even spell vulgar. Good to see poemranker is still having the perpetual maturity wrestle between the conformists and the crazy poets.
anonymous @ > anonymous | 4-Sep-07/10:14 AM | Reply
Thank you, how sweet.
SupremeDreamer @ | 10-Sep-07/2:25 PM | Reply
Are you fucking serious? Do you know of the concept of "freedom of artistic expression?". EH? Let me explain the reason behind this concept. It's called fairness, really, at it's core. Who really defines what is "tastless" and "vulgar"? A subjective nit-wit usually defines it. Someone like you. Say that I find poems about pink rabbits offensive, even TASTELESS and VULGAR, do you think it would be fair then, that there after I make such a declaration, to censure all poems of that sort and prevent others from making and posting more?

Let me get vulgar.


If you find shit offensive, don't fucking read it. Give it a goddamn zero and flame the offending person to rectal oblivion. But in no way should we start taking poems off this site because some idiot like you finds a few of them offensive or tasteless. What about those who fucking love those "tastless" & "vulgar" poems? Are you saying your qualified to say what is good and fucking wholesome for everyone to enjoy? Are you a part of one those mother coalitions that want to censor everything so you don't have to be a parent and actually RAISE your children? Eh? Do you get loose bowel syndrome when the topic of sex gets mentioned by your little kiddies? Did you use the "birds and the bees" analogy to explain it?


I find you and your art offensive, but my point is this:

You still have the right to be here and the right to post your crap. It's an essential artistic right to create without censure.
And you want to rig it like a fascist regime. Go fuck yourself, and I really fucking mean that.
Bill Z Bub @ > SupremeDreamer | 14-Feb-09/5:23 PM | Reply
Motherfucking Amen.
Bill Z Bub @ > Bill Z Bub | 14-Feb-09/5:24 PM | Reply
I couldn't agree more, Mr. Bub!
Bill Z Bub @ > Bill Z Bub | 14-Feb-09/5:24 PM | Reply
I agree with both the guys above me.
anonymous @ > SupremeDreamer | 13-Sep-14/12:31 PM | Reply
supreme dreamer? really?
anonymous @ ::1 | 13-Sep-14/12:29 PM | Reply
I agree.
This has such potential to be a great site if you just re-interfaced it a bit... even creating an app for posting and ranking.
but please have some sort of filter to keep out the lower energies that seem to have taken over like cockroaches in an abandoned shelter. they scurry so...
daniella @ | 15-Jan-17/5:31 PM | Reply
I totally agree

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