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anonymous @ | 27-Oct-09/12:16 PM | Reply
Could it be that all these new users, people who don't post poems, vote, or comment, but only put cryptic messages on the homepages, are using you, nentwined?

anonymous @ | 27-Oct-09/1:48 PM | Reply
Who are you and what are you talking about? :)
anonymous @ > anonymous | 27-Oct-09/4:24 PM | Reply
There must be a hundred of them. All recent joiners, no poems, no comments, no votes,
anonymous @ > anonymous | 27-Oct-09/4:25 PM | Reply
But in their "About" boxes you find all sorts of weird stuff.
nentwined @ > anonymous | 3-Dec-09/8:37 PM | Reply
oh, wow. I see.

That blows.

I wondered what the deal was with the poemranker traffic going up but nothing else going on.

Thanks for the notice.

nentwined @ > nentwined | 3-Dec-09/9:31 PM | Reply
just added reCAPTCHA to the join process. Should probably clean up all the "empty" accounts... Hmm.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I simply deleted every account that hadn't created a poem. Might get rid of some votes... but hey, that would almost be a benefit, right? ;)
anonymous @ > nentwined | 22-May-10/2:12 PM | Reply
post a poem, nentwined, any damn thing. You hate mine I hate yours. What the Hell!! This is silly

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