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Bill Z Bub @ | 2-Mar-09/8:36 AM | Reply
I think people that have been members of this site for more than two years should be allowed to post at least one poem a day. Please take this into serious consideration.

-William Zanzibar Bubbington III

nentwined @ | 4-Mar-09/5:18 PM | Reply
I think that's a good idea. Though I wouldn't really want to open it to the "twenty" spare accounts some cads have made. But maybe it doesn't matter. And maybe I don't even care.
nentwined @ > nentwined | 4-Mar-09/5:19 PM | Reply
Man. I really like the new suggestions threading look. :)

take back
pat back
drop back
anonymous @ > nentwined | 4-Mar-09/5:25 PM | Reply
Actually, make it at least 4 years. I want the old-timer's back!
Bill Z Bub @ > anonymous | 4-Mar-09/5:27 PM | Reply
Great Caesar's Ghost! I just realized I signed up for this site seven years ago! SEVEN. YEARS.
nentwined @ > Bill Z Bub | 4-Mar-09/7:45 PM | Reply
hard to believe, no? yes. :)

The last five years just *phwiffed*.
nentwined @ | 5-Mar-09/2:14 AM | Reply
And so it is done!

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