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half.italian @ | 8-Jun-08/5:35 PM | Reply
This site has gone to shit.... To bad. It was fun once.

nentwined @ | 8-Jun-08/5:37 PM | Reply
The site hasn't changed; but people have moved on, I guess.

I'd love for it to be "fun" again.
anonymous @ | 9-Jun-08/5:01 PM | Reply
Yeah.. the community is no longer vibrant. While Rockmage has retired his ranker status and preserved his voting by altering his nick to xxx, now there is practically no activity what-so-ever... I think we need to pull out the motherfuckin jumper cables.
Sasha @ > anonymous | 25-Feb-09/1:16 AM | Reply
Zodiac was fun. I want him back. But then, I also want the snows of yesteryear back. So who the fuck am I kidding?
anonymous @ > Sasha | 26-Feb-09/9:37 PM | Reply
Don't forget Dark Angel. Where the hell has that guy been? Made my experience here crazy and hilarious. ARGH WHERE DID IT ALL GO?!
nentwined @ > anonymous | 5-Mar-09/2:19 AM | Reply
I think he (they?) graduated, and moved on.
anonymous @ | 1-Mar-09/12:46 PM | Reply
I liked it better before you changed it. Please, nentwined, go back to how it was
Blindpoetry @ > anonymous | 2-Mar-09/4:58 AM | Reply
nentwined @ > anonymous | 5-Mar-09/2:19 AM | Reply
Umm. What did I change?
anonymous @ > nentwined | 6-Mar-09/4:10 AM | Reply
You kicked Zodiac and Dark Angel out. That's what you did.


Wah wah wah wah.
nentwined @ > anonymous | 6-Mar-09/4:12 AM | Reply
I did?
anonymous @ > nentwined | 6-Mar-09/12:22 PM | Reply
Yes. with your evil powers of Evil.
anonymous @ > anonymous | 14-Apr-09/5:56 PM | Reply
Nentwined is innocent. I drove them away in shame with my superior arguments

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