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Re: Pakistan school massacre by Dhanesh M Kumar daniella 22-Feb-15/7:21 AM
there is a lot of feeling and outrage and sadness that is begging poetic justice in this poem
Re: A HANGMAN'S MOANING by Dhanesh M Kumar daniella 22-Feb-15/7:24 AM
i love your thoughts. they are in the right place and the poem works on some levels. keep engineering the phrases. and perhaps punctuation is needed, for example: Alas doing, for the sake of bread no?
Re: There Was Poetry For Them All by nentwined SupremeDreamer 7-Apr-15/5:49 PM
Aye... and amen to tbe muse we all love to abuse.
Re: SUCH IS THE LOSS I FEEL by ARTIE SupremeDreamer ::1 7-Apr-15/5:53 PM
Cliché, yeah, near pimple status? Oh... none of us want to know what parody i'd make of this... too fuckin easy, aye. Do you wish me to judge thy heart, or thy ART? This poem.. I give a four, so that thy heart might not sour. :)
Re: Hobo. by SupremeDreamer ARTIE 7-Apr-15/8:03 PM
Fuck you who looks down on me-- when Rome falls, you'll be fucked while I'll finally be set free. Set your own fucking condescending self free. Vulgarity obviously hasn't worked. Look around and realize, you shackle yourself.
Re: Some of us by daniella Y2kSlamPoet 13-Apr-15/4:01 PM
I'll give you a ten if you can condense this into a haiku. :P
Re: Among The Stars by ARTIE Y2kSlamPoet ::1 13-Apr-15/4:06 PM
My heart speaks not. It pulses with pulsars while drinkin' at the bar Goes cold while I'm hot 'n encourages me to take another shot till the last thing I see is the blasted stars.
Re: Psilocybin, and the Tale of a Happy Stoner by ARTIE Y2kSlamPoet 13-Apr-15/4:24 PM
pulchritudinous? Wordy. Get rid of it. There's other aspects too that could use polish, and the more I think of it, the less worthy of a nine this is. The title though? SPECTACULAR@! Just don't get all sour on my seven, aye?
Re: Makin' Bacon by NICKDRP susanthered 21-Nov-15/12:57 PM
this poem is amazing!!! I love it...well done!!!!
Re: Makin' Bacon by NICKDRP susanthered 21-Nov-15/12:58 PM
I bet the guy who wrote this is an amazing person and really great looking....what a hottie!
Re: Stripping the willow by ecargo Ranger ::1 4-Dec-15/3:31 PM
ecargo! I wanted to get in touch a while back but had no way. Are you still writing?
Re: Deep Translation by T. Jonathron Remp impert&ent ::1 24-Jan-16/7:54 AM
Skating with the rays Shellfishing suits trackwise trainers
Re: Synchronicity by Prince of Void impert&ent 24-Jan-16/7:57 AM
... alors même que
Re: And on and on and on by nentwined impert&ent ::1 26-Aug-16/8:08 AM
Something a bit repetitive here, and title not evocative of the imagery
Re: Celui by half.italian impert&ent ::1 26-Aug-16/8:09 AM
Celui? Ce lui? Anyhow, nice evocation of a once in a lifetime fuck.
Re: What Bitches? Oh yeah, I'll be talkin major shit. by SupremeDreamer daniella ::1 15-Jan-17/5:30 PM
Diseloquence is your invention
Re: Embrace the Politics by impert&ent impert&ent 26-Feb-17/5:38 PM
Stewart Stacy
Re: Ted & Santa Go Gay by Edna Sweetlove daniella ::1 8-Oct-17/7:25 PM
Re: Pandora's Box by Edna Sweetlove daniella ::1 8-Oct-17/7:30 PM
puh lease
Re: Making a Man by Christof daniella 8-Oct-17/9:06 PM
i feel the memories biting through. this is lovely. and i love how you are alluding to the inner man and the outer snow man at once...

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