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Re: Making a Man by Christof daniella 8-Oct-17/9:06 PM
i feel the memories biting through. this is lovely. and i love how you are alluding to the inner man and the outer snow man at once...
Re: Hey by impert&ent Lenore ::1 16-Oct-17/1:31 PM
See me.
Re: A spectacular poem by a handsome man by <{Baba^Yaga}> Lenore 16-Oct-17/2:07 PM
You had me at "coalishly pinched twin sink holes."
Re: The Ballad of Fraser Allonby Q.C., Barrister-At-Law by wFraser Allonby Q.C.w Lenore ::1 16-Oct-17/2:14 PM
"I wear only the best" could've been better. Yeah, that line sucks. The rest, flows like stuff that flows good. 6
Re: Cupid promised me, Nadine by Shardik Lenore 16-Oct-17/2:22 PM
I give the comments a 7! Bravo!
Re: Muslim woman at the office by zodiac Lenore 16-Oct-17/2:42 PM
Awww shucks, no husks. The quote from the pool party has no place in the office. 4
Re: Victoria Applesmack and the Easy to Clean Wonder-Spleen by T. Jonathron Remp Lenore 17-Oct-17/2:58 PM
Tardigrades need friends too!
Re: If A Goat by impert&ent T. Jonathron Remp 17-Oct-17/3:13 PM
-0-, but +1 for not being actual face poison
Re: Mad by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp 17-Oct-17/3:15 PM
This poem is so bad it's bad. I'd rather look at homeless knees for 10 minutes.
Re: Crop Circle by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp 17-Oct-17/3:17 PM
This poem makes me want to be inside of a tree enveloped completely by tree matter and possibly choke on sap -8-
Re: Pedophile by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp ::1 17-Oct-17/3:18 PM
If native plainsmen considered this poem to be a 12th elemental construct of reality, I would annihilate their genetic lineage entire with a hydrogen bomb -3-
Re: Hollywood Is The Pits by Lenore T. Jonathron Remp ::1 17-Oct-17/3:20 PM
There is not one single causal strand of the many worlds multiverse that would not have a higher mean expected utility for its constituent beings in which this poem also exists -4-
Re: that time i asked about dying by nypoet22 SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/10:53 PM
Wtf is a tashlich mofo? I give it six. It's got more potential though.
Re: Life in the Z-Zone by T. Jonathron Remp SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/10:56 PM
/me farts.
Re: And on and on and on by nentwined SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/10:58 PM
Re: "The Zebra's Hoofbeats" by Lenore SupremeDreamer 17-Apr-18/11:05 PM
I like your word play. The beginning was great... Then it got a lil tedious. I can tell the ending was an attempt to fit in with your title... Title comes last, don't be constricted by it. Six, but you got a ten in there.
Re: alcohol is home. by SupremeDreamer -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 19-Jun-18/4:55 PM
A profoundly silly piece. I can't be bothered to dig up the original Checkliste, but this bulgingly stupid offering certainly ticks a few dunce-boxes: [X] Arbitrary line breaks [X] Clerical errors [X] Cliched imagery (gazing out of window, pits of despair) [X] 'Depression' words (putrid, wretched, darkness) [X] Devoid of alliteration or any such linguistic embellishments [X] Devoid of rhyme [X] Devoid of simile, reification or any such literary devices [X] Devoid of wondrous or fantastical imagery [X] Drug reference [X] Melodramatic [X] Overabundance of ellipses [X] Pointedly unanswered questions [X] Self-obsessed -10-
Re: alcohol is home. by SupremeDreamer SupremeDreamer ::1 19-Jun-18/5:05 PM
It is a sad day that I must say that I miss my old nemesis!
Re: Makin' Bacon by NICKDRP NICKDRP 18-Mar-20/12:38 PM
Wonderful poem !!!!
Re: Makin' Bacon by NICKDRP NICKDRP ::1 18-Mar-20/12:45 PM
Its been years..and i know making bacon can be slow all you comments all your slurs means we know snow and sleet sunday morn family love to talk and eat its all about the sizzle and not the meat when will you all learn stop analyzing the repeat off we go, making the bun tomato and cheese its all about fun good bye for you all :)

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