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The Midget Angel On The Hideous Field Of Death (Free verse) by Edna Sweetlove
The dreadful battlefield lay still and wan, Wind whistling through the shell-torn trees; And the deathly scene echoed to the groans Of wounded, sobbing, bleeding, dying men. But, as out of a magic dream, a vision appeared: A midget Angel riding on a donkey's back All neatly dressed in schoolgirl clothes With a little halo hovering o'er her head; She wandered, lovely as a dwarfish cloud, Dismounting here and there to give comfort And a bit of head to the maimed and crippled. "Oy, I'm over here" a one-legged soldier bravely yelled, Desperate for a final glorious blowjob; Normally he wouldn't have given such a fat ugly dwarf A second look, but beggars can't be choosers, he thought whimsically.

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Weighted score: 7.1409574
Overall Rank: 19
Posted: August 15, 2006 3:44 AM PDT; Last modified: August 15, 2006 3:44 AM PDT
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[2] Stephen Robins @ | 15-Aug-06/4:00 AM | Reply
You guide a black man's penis up your arse.
[n/a] Edna Sweetlove @ > Stephen Robins | 15-Aug-06/7:36 AM | Reply
You seem to have an obsession about homosexuality. Is this because you are a guilt-laden fat ugly fairy? I am only asking because I like to laugh at people like that.
[2] Stephen Robins @ > Edna Sweetlove | 15-Aug-06/8:22 AM | Reply
I thought with a name like Edna that you might be a "female" and therefore guiding a black man's penis up your arse would not be a homosexual act. Please accept my apologies if you are actually male, in which case you guide a heaving sweaty nergress'colossal strap on up your arse.
[n/a] Edna Sweetlove @ > Stephen Robins | 15-Aug-06/4:14 PM | Reply
Dear Stevie-babe: I was talking about your alleged poems which are obsessed with gay sex. And now you seem to be obsessed about sex with black men too. And black lesbians. Had you thought of slitting your throat and giving the world a break?
[10] Engelbert Humpalot @ | 17-Aug-06/9:31 AM | Reply
Fucking hilarious. 10.
[10] Sing4Jesus! @ | 23-Aug-06/9:47 AM | Reply
Jesus farts for you!
[10] conny lingers @ 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 | 23-Jan-23/9:43 AM | Reply
Never say no to a gobble.
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