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9/11 (Haiku) by TheDevil
I like Osama Osama's a damn cool guy Fuck U.S. to hell

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Posted: July 10, 2002 2:24 PM PDT; Last modified: July 10, 2002 2:24 PM PDT
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[n/a] blueiris1261 @ | 10-Jul-02/2:27 PM | Reply
Ha ha ha. You speak of nothing that exists. It is an illusion that you have created in your mind.
[10] razorgrin @ | 10-Jul-02/2:29 PM | Reply
[0] horus8 @ | 10-Jul-02/2:53 PM | Reply
Hey old scratch. what are you Canadian too. Perhaps daddy didn't hug you enough.Maybe perchance mom got arrested on the boulevard a little too often.or did you just fall out of the shopping cart reaching for a cantalope at the age of three.Oh, I know yesterday while bowing to Mecca you put your forehead in a pile of camel shit. Here's a baby wipe, get over itp
[10] razorgrin @ | 10-Jul-02/3:17 PM | Reply
Nothing wrong with heckling a nation of murderers and thieves and built by slaves.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 10-Jul-02/3:19 PM | Reply
This Haiku chilled me to the bum. In light of recent events in the U.S of A, I find such remarks to be most inappropriate. What you need is a good ol' dose of American self-esteem.
[4] deleted user @ | 13-Jul-02/2:10 PM | Reply
It's not very clever, just inflammatory.
[0] Redfin @ | 13-Jul-02/11:40 PM | Reply
This is not worth a comment & you are not even brave enough to put out any information about yourself. Just like those cowards who murder people then hide away. You will be punished, if not in this lifetime in the next. Because even your God is sick of your actions.
[n/a] deleted user @ | 14-Jul-02/2:17 AM | Reply
don't know what's worse, this 'poem' or the hysterical and equally racist reaction from aggrieved americans. Thought this was a culture site? You guys are gobbling up this worthless 3 lines of bait thanks to your greed for blind vengeance.
[0] evergreen @ | 14-Jul-02/7:49 AM | Reply
looks like mommy left the computer on.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 14-Jul-02/7:57 AM | Reply
don't know what's worse, 'anglowelsh' or an hysterical and equally racist moist tow'lette. Actually I do know. 'anglowelsh' is worse.
[n/a] deleted user @ | 14-Jul-02/10:11 AM | Reply
ha ha ha ha ha ha. hilarious. moist tow'lette? heh heh. how cle'ver. meanwhile, I await the genuine arguement. what, you mean all you have to give in the fight of the abuse of free speech against lumpen nationalism is past-sell-by-date put downs and if-I-ever-see-you-safe-in-the-knowledge-I-never-will bravado? shame on you, you giants who claim the moral and intellectual high ground. perhaps your beyond-belief self righteous views will change as you mature. goodness knows what our world will become if you don't.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 14-Jul-02/11:07 AM | Reply
If you call standing up for your nation under one God 'self-righteous' then you've gotta real attitude problem, pal! How would you like it if it was your buttocks that were crushed by falling debris? How dare you!
[0] deleted user @ | 14-Jul-02/11:55 AM | Reply
people have the right to "freedom of speech" and because of that you can write whatever you darn well please. so with that in mind I will put my 2 cents in. I find this quite disturbing not because this " devil " likes Osama, but because he/she has such a disregard for life and the freedom that comes with it. but hey, it's a " free country " (for now) so say what you want... just don't expect people to applaud you when ya dis their country.
[n/a] deleted user @ | 15-Jul-02/1:54 AM | Reply
hey, PAL, let's get one thing straight: this 'poem' fails on several levels - the only thing it succeeds in doing is whipping up hysteria among people who should know better (ie, anyone smart enough to ignore it). as for disrespecting the lives/ memories/ relatives of the victims - don't even bother with that one. along with most of humanity I fully sympathise with ANY victim of mindlessly violent acts, whoever the perpetrator. how dare I air my views? seems to me that you belong to that group of people who expect the public to lap up any old stuff they churn out whilst immediately jumping on any views that don't meet your strict approval. call yourself an artist? I call that bigotry - you ought to be ashamed.
BTW, you are very much mistaken regarding the self righteousness comment; are you anywhere near guessing who I was referring to there..?
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 15-Jul-02/2:47 AM | Reply
Look, pal! I love my country. I love America. I love the greatest nation on Earth. Evil terrorists have tried to destroy us. And now it's time for us to kick some ass!
[n/a] deleted user @ | 16-Jul-02/9:09 AM | Reply
knock yourself out.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 22-Jul-02/1:59 PM | Reply
If the Internet has taught me anything, it is this: Never get into an argument with Americans about 'patriotism'.
[0] deleted user @ | 22-Jul-02/2:46 PM | Reply
what a shame that this forum suffers so much abuse
[0] yoda's aprentice @ | 28-Jul-02/1:15 PM | Reply
ha fucking ha you sick fuck trust me you need help i think i know why u posted this though daddy or mommy never paid you any attention when you were little or maybe no one in this entire universe loves you they think of you as one fucked up sad twisted lonely little person burn in hell and may the flames of ifrit torment you untill the victims of oama grow weary of the sounds of pain and sufering you make much to learn you have Evil fucker
[n/a] TheDevil @ | 31-Aug-02/12:06 PM | Reply
So, I take it all the zeroes posted here are because I don't share your opinions about the Great Satan who isn'T me. And here I was thinking that the poetry on this site was voted on based on the quality of the poem and not on what it says or what the voter thinks of the author. Silly me.
[0] horus8 @ | 31-Aug-02/12:19 PM | Reply
you are a hand puppet, a toadie, a renfield. need a job? i could you'se someone like you to organize my piles...then we could light paper airplanes on fire. then send them carrening into the towers of filed filth...sounds fun huh...look down... see that..that's your pitch fork being rolled away by a dung beetle.
[0] god'swife @ | 31-Aug-02/12:42 PM | Reply
The reason this poem stinks is because it says nothing. Nothing about the character who's expressing himself. Nothing about Osama and nothing about the U.S. It's simplistic and ignorant in it's structure. You could be talking about anybody or anything. I like Henry Ford/Henry ford's a damn cool guy/ Fuck riding a bike. Big deal. You want to push people's buttons? Do it with something of merit. You are boring.
[0] god'swife @ | 31-Aug-02/12:59 PM | Reply
I like Mickey Mouse/ Mickey's a damn cool mouse/ Fuck Magic Mountain.---I like The Devil/ The Devil's a damn cool guy/Fuck Yahweh to hell--- I like poemranker/ Poemranker's a damn cool thing/ Fuck to hell. and so on and so on.....Yawn.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/1:32 PM | Reply
The henry ford haiku is hilarious.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/1:34 PM | Reply
Devil's not all bad. He just stopped by to bring me cake to celebrate me leaving my job. I say this because it's damn yummy cake.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/1:56 PM | Reply
Nothing wrong with heckling a nation of murderers and thieves and built by slaves

You know razor girl you quite possibly make the most uneducated asinine comments on this site. Are you just bitter because Shin happens to be one of the worst poets on this site?
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/2:17 PM | Reply
I hardly consider Shin to be one of the worst and neither do a great many people. He is not a poet by and large. his talent mainly is in his prose, while his poems are mostly amusing. He came to this site to laugh at pomopus, pretentious idiots Thanks for volunteering. As for my comment, I did leave a lot out. I neglected to mention the bit about the Indians being massacred. My bad. Considering that the U.S. is one of the major world powers, with money coming out of its ass and yet it won't feed its own people and is run by a warmongering redneck yahoo, yeah, I forgot that too. "built by slaves", yep. And then the lynchings. Perhaps i'd have more respectfor the good ol' U.S. of A. if it wasn't by and large so violent, racist and isolationist, all while blissfully raping the Earth.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/2:36 PM | Reply
Shin is pretty bad, and I bet his fairy tale hobbit prose is a real breath of fresh air. first off I want to clarify I am by no means a patriot (I am a journalist, nationalism is against my oath). that said: Again, you make yourself sound uneducated. The entire US of A was not built by slaves, where the fuck did you get that one. And when did Canada become immune to such antics or are you know no longer connected to the British, symbolically or otherwise. I believe one of your biggest entrepreneurs is trying like mad for knighthood. Fuck, a fourth of your own country does not even like you and wants to secede because you are trying to toss your language, among other things at them. Jesus, and if Canada is so fucking sweet and cuddly why are your corporations coming down here in "good ole capitalist America" and fucking up our environment and then bailing? It is even steven, we dump our trash up there, you fuck up the West with your multinationals. What the fuck do you read? You sound like a fucking little girl who needs to do some serious reading instead of relying on lovecrat to guide your way. Your brash statements are so generalist it is obvious you really know nothing of the world. Have you been anywhere outside of Halifax. I can send you a whole list of Canadian wrong doings but what is the point. I try to think things through before I open my mouth. Of course, Bush is an idiot, but the multinationals love him, including the Canadians. So first, learn about your own fucking county before you make such childish statement. And try to stick to poetry.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/2:39 PM | Reply
And as far as pompous and pretentious, it comes down to this. Shin's stuff is mindless hogwash. At least I can fucking write something that proves I do more that watch reruns of bad "American" TV.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/2:48 PM | Reply
The only american tv he commented on (once) was a-team. Lord of the Rings...the samurai ones(where do you think Kurosawa came from? idaho?).The point is P&K, you have very little sense of humour. The tv thing mystifies me, though, as he only mentioned it once. But then, really, you're just a redneck post-modern yutz who thinks reading his little speeches at rodeos makes him great. Go into your yard and wave your flag a little more..good.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/2:52 PM | Reply
your writing: what does it "prove" you do? drive.have bad, boring relationships. sleep. yup, you do a lot.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/2:58 PM | Reply
See what I mean, instead of saying anything worthwhile you make a personal attack. I am sorry, I do not wave a flag, I am not a redneck, I have never been to a rodeo. I would destroy you in a debate. What to you bring to the table: a GED? You have limited knowledge of everything you say. Instead of finding out what the other side believes, you make assumptions. This is why liberalism gets a bad rap. Because of you people. Here I fight to get points across in regarded publications and you defeat everything I am doing with your uneducated banter. You could not defend against my points because you are clueless and finally someone has called you on it. You and your weak poet friends sit up the in Canada bitching about this and bitching about that but you do not understand the reason for things and thus, you make hideous overgeneralizations and sound ignorant. And I'm sorry I never made it past the a team and sexadous, both childish. And my sense of humor extends far beyond what is amusing to pseudo- intellectuals who think they are being clever.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/2:59 PM | Reply
Why do we fuck your country up? Because you let us, and your price is low. America has financed and perpetrated more acts of violence and genocide than you'd like to count, senor journalisto and you know it. I pay attention to the news, dear, and that's what I've been seeing. Middle East, anyone? You claim to not be a nationalist, but from what you've been saying it sounds like you'd blow dubya if he'd unzip for you. My mistake about the slaves. Canada has its problems,(never llet it be said it doesn't) but we have a hell of a lot less than the yanks. The halifax thing mystiofies me. why halifax? I visited once...
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/3:05 PM | Reply
Jesus, you are truly and idiot. You do not even you how bad you sound when you try to go deeper into the subject. And if you want to read any of my work I can direct you to the New Republic, Mother Jones, Utne Reader to name a few. Quit watching CNN. Ouit it, quit it. Please read a credible book. Write something credible, and then talk to me. You are truly stupid.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/3:08 PM | Reply
Ok instead of your usual charming little remarks about what you think my educationmay be (a variant on the grade school 'your brain is as big as this bug") why don't you make a point? You say you'd do so well in a debate, but meaningless vagueness and personal attacks don't hold up too well.I was merely stating the impression that you give. Sorry your mighty jounalist sense of humour doesn't approve of ours, but maybe a little absurdism can be a good thing. You haven't said much of anything in regard to these elusive 'issues' you keep mentioning. You just make snide pseudointellectual attempts at insults. Face it, you're a pompous, dull, hypocritical bore and someone's finally called you on it.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/3:10 PM | Reply
WHAT SUBJECT!!!you have made no mention of a "subject"! I read those publications and many others. Still no point!!
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/3:27 PM | Reply
you are of course aware of how dumb it is to argue for this long because of a flippant remark designed to piss people off as a comment on a flippant poem designed to piss idiots off?
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/3:33 PM | Reply
Actually, no I do not. I simply called you on a hasty generalization you made stating Americans were murders who built a country on slavery. I have never killed anyone. Sorry. Yes, we had slaves in our history, but I believe they were primary responsible for agricultural growth in the south post 1830, and by that time industrialization, which propelled the US and Britain and France, etc, etc (sorry Canada) economically, was still a zygote. And I believe Canada was also guilty of slavery for a time being. And you were not so nice to the all Indians always. la de da. Am I on your level now? Do you understand? I never made a personal attack. That would be saying something like you smelly stupid bitch why do not you shave you pits...well. I was merely calling into play you education, because you sound a bit naive. Sorry, I am not being vague. My points are clear. You just get back into a corner and spout "oh, you redneck, hick no-it-all." whatever. Some recent pubs for you. American Prospect: Summer 2002 Subject: Income transfers. Forthcoming: New Republic: subject: LA School system and Roy Romer. There you go sweetie. Don't hurt your brain. And what is the point of writing something ignorant to piss people you call idiots off. So you and the buds can giggle. I am done wasting my time with you.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/3:48 PM | Reply
Make no mistake, I am well awrare of canada's problems. You simply are a condescending, ignorant, boring ass who has only made reference to issues in his last post oand for that matter has yet to state the community college that handed him his degree in accounting or whatever it may be. i didn't write this poem anyway. don't blame me. All that you have done is shown yourself to be a hypocritical bore who uses too many words to state very little. Now let us ignore each other forever more.
[10] razorgrin @ | 31-Aug-02/3:53 PM | Reply
I just fail to see why he feels the need to bitch to me about Shin's stuff. what, am I going to give him the message or something?" sweetie, that jackass on the internetdoesn't like you." I find it strange that he can't do that on Shin's stuff. Besides, i have already mentioned about how stupid this argument is. he won't let it die.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Aug-02/3:42 PM | Reply
HA HA HA ha ha....oh... Both of you are full of shit. You're having an earnest, heated argument about whose country is more naughty over the internet with someone you've never met. If you're going to argue in public at least have the decency to insult each other instead of meaninglessly attacking each other's country. poetandknowit: Clearly, Shin-Bojangles is not trying to write serious poetry. The rest of your argument is just groundless speculation that his prose is crap. razorgrin, stop defending your fucking boyfriend. If he's really here to take the piss out of pompous poetes then let's see him do it himself. And so sayeth I.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/6:43 PM | Reply
johns hopkins
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/6:45 PM | Reply
Oh yes, here comes the dark one to set us straight. But let me tell you oh rational one. I am not full of shit. I just had quite the long poo and I am feeling quite refreshed. Maybe you should both try the same thing. I was never earnest. That is the fun of it you nitwit.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/6:45 PM | Reply
Oh yes, here comes the dark one to set us straight. But let me tell you oh rational one. I am not full of shit. I just had quite the long poo and I am feeling quite refreshed. Maybe you should both try the same thing. I was never earnest. That is the fun of it you nitwit.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Aug-02/6:51 PM | Reply
BS. The point where you tried to change your tune was palpable.
[10] anagram @ | 31-Aug-02/6:56 PM | Reply
I'll give a 10 why not,this twat wouldn't know fuck all about life if it bit him on the arse.P&k loved your comment LOL.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Aug-02/7:00 PM | Reply
Fuck yeah. You've got it sussed though, right anagram? Footie and Queen. And pub quizzes. Or maybe it's the proud, sentimental, concerned, people who you share your existence with. Who knows? I'm up at 3am. I'm special. You must be special as well.
[10] anagram @ | 31-Aug-02/7:05 PM | Reply
Ho ho we have it sussed.DA the typical English muslim fundamentalist, hates the fucking place,wish they'd never set foot on it but wouldn't leave for all the love of Ally (or should that be Allah)If you don't like it fuck off to where someone cares.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Aug-02/7:14 PM | Reply
Alright, alright -- I can see when I've been bested by a superior wit lol!! I thought you were a bit of a fanny, anagram, but I can tell you're really a solid geezer. Cheers and see you down the pub! Weeeeyyy!!!
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/7:19 PM | Reply
Palpable? You have no idea Mr. mysterious. The world is an easy place without eye contact and body language. So really what the fuck do you know. You are in the same boat as Shin, except you are just a bit more clever to say something behind it. That is all you have. And the same babbling as me. No, I never tried to change my tune. I just finally realized whom I was talking too. Simple as that. It was simply a reaction to an blatantly stupid comment.

and settle down anagram. Your team won!
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Aug-02/7:30 PM | Reply
What the fuck do I know? What the fuck do you know? For someone who today wrote several hundred (if not thousand) words on the failings of someone he only knows from a few non-serious poemes, you're one to talk. "Simply a reaction." Yeah. Those multiple-comment, ad hominem but completely involuntary diatribes are a pain sometimes. You remind me of the ugly child who hates all the other ugly children because they're ugly. Let me just get your position straight: You know all about Shin-Bojangles, his life, his prose, etc., because that's "blatant", but nobody can discern anything about you, because what the fuck would they know and actually you meant something different because they couldn't see your secret hand gesture? Right. Simple. As simple as that. It was simply a reaction.
[0] poetandknowit @ | 31-Aug-02/7:41 PM | Reply
Wow, it is possible to get under you skin. I could give a fuck about the jangle boy and his girl. She made a fucked up statement, so I called her on it. And what is the point of posting shit on the site if you can secretly write genius words. Come on. Shit is shit funny or not. And I am the ugly child, and hate the fucking other kids. I bet you are ugly too. Why the fuck would you name yourself dark angel if you were a beauty. You got the fork I got to brush and they sent off to school in our boots and knickers so the other kiddies could have a laugh. And now we are bitter old fucks who prowl the internet looking to rid the world of teenage poetry. blah the blah. And, I don't mind writing. It is what I do all day, so why not put some word here and there? No secret hand gestures. If you saw a bit of compassion in my comments, I was just trying to prevent her from making a fool of herself to anyone who has read a book. Have you had that shit yet? I think you need it.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 31-Aug-02/8:03 PM | Reply
Sigh. Will you *please* stop with the psychoanalysis? I'm sorry if you perceived that you're under my skin, but you're actually crap at that. anagram's much better. Now enough with the wry quips and onto the actual "discussion". My original interruption of you and razorgrin's lovein was supposed to relieve some tension. I thought I would do so by telling you you were full of shit so you'd be so busy thinking of quip-filled replies that you'd stop filling the comments section with that your-country's-naughtier argument. At least it worked, but now I have to deal with this. That's my position. I think I know yours by now. Let's drop it. Of course I'm the ugly child. But you're the ugly child that hates the other ugly children. I don't hate the other ugly children. but I don't exactly love them, because they're ugly. It's a metaphor. I'm not actually saying anything about ugly. Why did I "name" myself -=Dark_Angel=-? fucking hell. This has been a crowing triumph for so many people that I may as well get it out of the way. It was the single most cliched "nickname" I could think of. Do a search for "dark_angel" on google and you'll see what I mean. My comment about secret hand gestures was in reply to your comment about body language. We're arguing at ridiculous cross-purposes.
[2] Bhaskaryya @ | 21-Dec-04/11:06 PM | Reply
A very immatured piece and nothing poetic whatsoever.
[0] conny lingers @ | 23-Jan-23/9:59 AM | Reply
You can't argue with it.
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