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20 most recent comments by baughworm
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Re: Bitter Breakfast by nugit15 19-May-03/5:43 AM

when there "were" words?
Re: great caesar's ghost by bondjedi 20-May-03/9:32 PM
That is terrible, but then again...6
Re: One Moment to the Other (v2) by nentwined 20-May-03/9:33 PM
heading towards something great
Re: Over beast by Crakyamuni 20-May-03/9:34 PM
very young sounding
Re: i will not come to bangladesh by lost in america 20-May-03/9:37 PM
beautifully written
regarding some deleted poem... 20-May-03/9:42 PM
This is fantastic bit of poetry, but the zypher and eden seem thrown in haphazardly. i would nix them or add more references before them. still 9
Re: Life's Loves Lost by Jigg 23-May-03/3:35 PM
The language is in need of some maturing, but the ending is good. Still needs work, but moving along.
regarding some deleted poem... 26-May-03/12:46 AM
you suck
Re: The Drunkest ever by horus8 9-Jun-03/10:04 PM
but ?UNFORTUNATLEY? I can't remember
who in the hell you are anyway.

it sounds as though its more fortunate than not.

Otherwise I love this poem. VERY real. Great work.
Re: Baginga by JoyLuck 10-Jun-03/12:14 PM
Brilliant piece of writing.
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Jun-03/11:31 PM
A little to wanna be artsy for me. Yet...
Re: Jellybean Land by JoyLuck 15-Jun-03/11:34 PM
are you 11 years old or some sort of super genius writing to fuck with the minds of the inferior?
Re: Baginga by JoyLuck 15-Jun-03/11:37 PM
this is not very good
Re: Janine (a set of haikus) by capachijim 15-Jun-03/11:43 PM
put away the thesaurus
Re: Over Simplification by Richard 31-Mar-04/2:26 PM
I agree. It needs more work, but good start
Re: A wicked rose grows in God's grapevine. by SupremeDreamer 31-Mar-04/2:30 PM
Some of your references seem a little to cliche. The wind always whispers and caresses. Everyone's spirit has a beast. Try some different language. Especially the first line. It was a bit of a turn off. The end was much better.
Re: matador by ThePariahDog 31-Mar-04/2:32 PM
too wordy for my tastes.
Re: The Hell With Growing Up by wilco 31-Mar-04/2:42 PM
how old are you that you have wasted away to such a tremendous degree?
Re: stains by calliope 31-Mar-04/2:45 PM
I would change the title. I like the poem.
Re: If God Was a Nihilist by baughworm 19-Feb-05/10:24 AM
nihilist: someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief

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