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20 most recent comments by pete
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Re: My Courtney by secretlyvulnerable 18-Oct-07/7:44 AM
.... er ... perp or victim ? ( or do you consider yourself both ?) ... nul points ... for the poem alone, that is
Re: Unmistakably Mistaken by secretlyvulnerable 18-Oct-07/7:45 AM
juvenile ... still, can't knock you for your years
Re: Alice to Slumber by Skamper 18-Oct-07/7:48 AM
scary as fuck and somewhat sexy ... or am i reading too much there? .... more tea .... genius
Re: This Song by MacFrantic 18-Oct-07/7:51 AM
cop-out saying it's for someone else .... good story tho
Re: RAGTIME by xyz 18-Oct-07/7:52 AM
grow up
Re: inside the raven by PsydewaysTears 18-Oct-07/7:53 AM
don't he though
Re: Holding You by forsaken 18-Oct-07/7:54 AM
shows promise
Re: The Friendship Storm by x0lovelylarnx0 18-Oct-07/7:56 AM
too many words
Re: The Devil and I by forsaken 18-Oct-07/7:59 AM
re-write once the devil has gone and note the difference
Re: Owl Eyes by MacFrantic 18-Oct-07/8:00 AM
dunno why but i like this ... poetry,though... not so sure
Re: A double haiku about President Putin by Engelbert Humpalot 18-Oct-07/8:01 AM
regarding some deleted poem... 18-Oct-07/8:03 AM
quite agree ... i'll give myself one too ... for the structure
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Oct-07/1:47 PM
you da senryu boss
tongue stays within my own mouth
crotch smells waft this way
Re: Her name was Marjorie Harper by Caducus 19-Oct-07/1:59 PM
she died a poem
and were you god
ten would be the score

Re: Henry's breeches by Stephen Robins 19-Oct-07/2:02 PM
poor love, give him a cosolation point
Re: Time Will Change by x0lovelylarnx0 19-Oct-07/2:08 PM
Re: Life Is Like A Rose by x0lovelylarnx0 19-Oct-07/2:09 PM
god? ... god!
Re: The American Soldier by x0lovelylarnx0 19-Oct-07/2:13 PM
do you know, or do you want to know, what they are doing?
Re: Looking Back by x0lovelylarnx0 19-Oct-07/2:14 PM
i'm sorry but your stuff is really dreadful ....
Re: Soccer by x0lovelylarnx0 19-Oct-07/2:16 PM
ahh ... yes; getting there (ps don't mind me ... i was crap at your age too)

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