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Re: BY ALL YOUR HEART by prettyktm 1-Aug-05/6:38 AM
Ilike the simplicity of the read to the lips,
what is poetry, if not the tongue, the lips and the head in unism...
regarding some deleted poem... 1-Aug-05/6:56 AM
how much this speaks to me, even john K never can tell, only that for me I freely give up on my only me my tears are dripping full blast rain on my fears I losing my love.... This reads me a hope for another try may tomorrow would just erase all my fears, are not poems all in all about magic, the magic of words to make things come through to true
Re: As the Weary Try to Rest by AnotherNothing 1-Aug-05/7:00 AM
I detest the rhymes they puntuate the flow of the rhythm and meaning of this poem , they draw you from meaning to mere sound
Re: First by Dovina 9-Aug-05/8:09 AM
and Jerry, after Adam
fell into the pit
like blind
regarding some deleted poem... 9-Aug-05/8:14 AM
at last, even a dying on the cross
can be tiresome,not all the "love" life offers hangs our "hopes" on suicide"
Re: Mirrored by MacFrantic 9-Aug-05/8:22 AM
poetry in spirit, flesh and word
Re: Lost (not a poem) by Caducus 5-Oct-05/1:19 PM
true to the heart can love so out this world be worthy of a world eating up hearts before you can even earn a meal to live to see tomorrow?
Re: I don't rhyme enough, eh? by Niphredil 5-Oct-05/1:27 PM
rhyme ; the criminal act of forcing words into feelings, when poetry in the first instance is a feeling feel for meaning that does not come wordless... I cannot agree less.
Re: the sweet smell of death by pollywolly 11-Jan-06/9:58 AM
only that it leaves us out, the death that in the end ends us is and comes from inside us
Re: for one day only by pollywolly 11-Jan-06/10:02 AM
those who hunger after the sea, can only dream of the land and sand... is this life?
Re: Here's your God by Caducus 1-Aug-06/10:03 AM
too many people see their God for what it is not...
thanx Caducus for these new revelation.
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Dec-06/10:00 PM
some good measure of a pain makes out poetry to be love can become the same the fault that of poetry, when all there is to poetry is poetry, to therefore demand answers from poetry and not life is like Ares muscle up humnaity to safe life only for the animal reign of destruction to in the end be...
a good play of dialectics, though headside down and legside up of Hegels not Marx correction ... gooder than good
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Dec-06/10:07 PM
you extremely rich full of dialectics ... i want owe your collction in my hand sure i would read everything you post... again how can dialectics the very matter of nature not make any poem good... except...?
Re: Then things forgotten inside by Prince of Void 19-Dec-06/10:10 PM
you don't find them... you don't find a poem...
Re: Cornerstones by polaroidmemory 19-Dec-06/10:30 PM
"I am willing to try", if only all others can in the same spirit uphold...then we can bring Heaven down to Mother earth... abeg thematically tight... who can then care for "cliches" and "metaphors"...
Re: Reaper's Chain by Ladybama9425 22-Apr-08/8:43 AM
womanhood in starked nakedness !
Re: Go Ahead by misused 22-Apr-08/9:01 AM
Mom please don't heed this poem
don,t go ahead anymore.
Re: Purple Reign of Blood by Kamikaze 1-Jul-08/5:30 PM
good old rhyme 4 something child-like and curried with adult-chill
Re: Falling Away by Holy Sinner 1-Jul-08/5:37 PM
simply break thru the wall and walk away into freedom, only that love can not be found outside of the flesh...and all we are not is not us to blame
Re: Chasing Droplets by dinah 2-Aug-10/5:46 AM
I can see your pain
to give out life in full richness -
the greatest of all gift and to now be held down

And be bound out of life itself...
what a pity definition of life....
for anyone ... woman or not

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