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regarding some deleted poem... 13-Jul-05/7:18 PM
Replace lies with lives and we'll talk.
Re: the smallest box will do by elderking 14-Jul-05/8:14 AM
I liked this one.
Except, for being an ignorant 15yroldbrat, what's C.O.D.?
Re: A Good Man Ruined by Dovina 17-Jul-05/10:43 PM
kind[of] like a poet
regarding some deleted poem... 9-Nov-05/7:44 PM
this isn't my batman mug.
Re: Mandarin Trial by cyan9 9-Nov-05/7:48 PM
It was nice.
line 6: A[n] irridescent...

third stanza looks out of place with the repeated phrase: I lay back into the sheets...
Re: Headlines by Dovina 10-Nov-05/7:01 PM
Your not a part of the media are you?
This is exactly what they are saying.
Re: Close To The Beginning by RawPunkGirl 13-Nov-05/3:04 PM
I find it very odd that I see you on multiple websites.
And i'm not even a stalker.

On another note:
Line 3: I think that 'Being dressed in my best...' should be changed. Keep the idea, but change the wording so it doesn't rhyme. Because it sounds horrible.

overall, though, I thought it was ok.
Re: Abba by oneglove 13-Nov-05/3:08 PM
Line 6: 'Withstand the beat of time' seemed out of place to me...
Could you explain how this ends the first stanza?
Re: Returning Home by Niphredil 18-Dec-05/8:30 AM
might want to take an adjective or and adverd out of second stanza, line 4 - just so there isn't one line poking out like a sword, or a knife. or some other objects.

i enjoyed it
Re: disaster in the flesh by Crakyamuni 23-Dec-05/9:31 AM
"can you not see the death below us" seemed out of place, Crack Your Money
Re: A List of Names Worth Listing by SupremeDreamer 6-Aug-08/11:13 PM
i got no mention. :( why am i even here? i don't know
Re: GOD'S MOST WONDERFUL CREATION by iowajerms 7-Aug-08/12:33 PM

change dull to dim and we'll talk.
Re: Hum by Nepanthe 7-Aug-08/12:35 PM
is this the entire thing?

It's good as some kind of saying or whatever. But a poem?? give me more and we'll talk.
Re: Social Studies is for MORANS!! by T. Jonathron Remp 7-Aug-08/3:37 PM
Unfortunately, I tried your poetry and not even sea salt helped it's extreme blandness.

Do you plan on being a horrible rapper when you grow up?
Re: WISHES SHE COULD FORGET and FLOWERS BY THE ROCK by iowajerms 7-Aug-08/3:45 PM
Why do you add two poems? Is it because you couldn't wait to hear how awful your stuff is?

"oh but, you know, they're both talking about the same thing. it's really-"
Well just fix the last two rhymes in the first poem. Too much... force. Didn't flow well at all compared to the rest.

The second poem, I find not horrible.

How do you expect to rate this? I'm actually gonna rate this and you put me a predicament. thanks.
Re: brain cookies by nentwined 26-Feb-09/9:43 PM
i lol'd
Re: for the slaves and the seekers by Bill Z Bub 1-Mar-09/11:13 PM
Re: prove me wrong by nentwined 6-Mar-09/4:18 AM
I liked the title, "Prove Me Wrong" lol

I'd love to prove you wrong. One of these days. I'll come back and be all like... well, we'll see. ;)

Actually: I've never had certainty much. And innocence to the world went gone after a few months ago. hm...

I like how it's a list. And every last line goes together. :)
Re: Redemption on the mat. by SupremeDreamer 6-Mar-09/8:07 PM
enjoyed the story.
Re: My Thoughts by amanda_dcosta 9-Mar-09/4:46 AM
you either know or you don't know.

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