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20 most recent comments by leonxic
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regarding some deleted poem... 11-Aug-06/10:27 PM
I'm afraid to give a low score because it may bruise your emotions, but then again...
regarding some deleted poem... 11-Aug-06/10:36 PM
No, no, no. Bad Stephen Robins. It sounds too much like suburbian hip-hop (otherwise known as shit).
Re: The Western World by mrpresident 12-Aug-06/5:14 PM
Why can't people write anything but sappy shit about the same tired subjects?
Re: A Poem For George Bush by Edna Sweetlove 12-Aug-06/5:33 PM
This looks just like some bullshit that someone would forward to my email (and I wouldn't be surprised if it was) as if this is news. I know all this shit already, and writing it in the form of emotional guilt-tripping garbage doesn't make it anything more than exactly that. 0.
Re: Southern Baptist Redneck Song by Edna Sweetlove 12-Aug-06/5:37 PM
Touchy subject. Is this all you know how to write.
Re: A Sexy Crucifixion Poem by Edna Sweetlove 12-Aug-06/5:43 PM
Wow, how trendy of you to be so contrversial. Homo-erotic biblical poetry may be a somewhat original topic but this is written poorly and is plain tasteless. I can only assume it is on the best list through your own efforts.
Re: A spectacular poem by a handsome man by <{Baba^Yaga}> 12-Aug-06/6:09 PM
Not fucking bad. Entertaining. 9.
Re: Lost love by Mikius 12-Aug-06/6:18 PM
Too much stolen imagery. Unoriginal.
Re: Not for me by MacFrantic 12-Aug-06/6:29 PM
A sophisticated Shel Silverstein piece. 10.
Re: flow-charts by FreeFormFixation 12-Aug-06/6:30 PM
Very nice.
Re: Its Hard to Say by celticskatermatt1 21-Sep-06/10:17 AM
"Ohhhhh, if you want possession, it's just 'ITS', but is you want a conjunction, it's 'IT apostrophy S' ... scalawag."
Very nice.
Re: Musical Buttocks - Cha cha cha by Edna Sweetlove 21-Sep-06/10:26 AM
I'm in complete agreement with you, although you failed to mention the large amount of fecal matter that inspired Beethoven's Symphony 'Number 2' in D Major.
Re: Suicide Dream by Ranger 21-Sep-06/10:29 AM
How 17th century of you. There's a very nice flow to this and the word choice is perfect.
Re: The Dovina Memorial Bike Lane by Dovina 26-Sep-06/1:47 PM
If nothing else, the subject matter is completely original. Great idea; wish i'd thought of it.
Re: Shadows In Your Eyes by PoeticJustice 26-Sep-06/1:51 PM
The rhyme and rhythm are very forced. The structure of the poem is almost an afterthought, you might want to consider incorperating them while writing instead.
Re: Pain by PoeticJustice 26-Sep-06/2:30 PM
I think this might be something Keanu Reeves wrote when he was thirteen. I better not criticize this further though; his "anger engulfs him" and that sounds dangerous.
Re: love by *.*ReAdY To SnAp.*. 12-Oct-06/1:32 PM
Isn't "sucks" some sort of description. I'm sure you could elaborate. Until then,

this poem sucks
no way describe it
(Other than that it sucks, of course)
Re: I've thought a lot by MacFrantic 12-Oct-06/1:36 PM
Now I can die enlightened.
Re: untitled by MacFrantic 14-Dec-06/12:50 PM
I sense some contempt. Fantastic writing. 10.
Re: In the middle by celticskatermatt1 14-Dec-06/12:56 PM
No deaths is good. Try adding an extra syllable in l5 and two more l8 (maybe after "No deaths"); trust me it will flow better. Also the "the" in l8 is superfluous.

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