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20 most recent comments by Jill Stockinger
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Re: ritual of now intensified by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:04 PM
Ahh! Cof-fee!
Re: selfhood, through extrospection by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:10 PM
And so you are! Kaolin Fire!
Re: The Sleep Fantastic by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:23 PM
Very sing-song.
I hear the last verse as a loud chorus sung over and over!
Re: innocent voyeur by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:36 PM
Excellent stuff!
Re: do androids dream? by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:37 PM
Well said.
Re: clay or mud (hertz donut version) by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:38 PM
An unfinished piece---
Re: Recognition by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:48 PM
I liked this a lot!

Could see an easy progression type poem-
next stanza: Benefiting two..
Re: knowledge building on knowledge by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:49 PM
doesn't do it for me-
Re: standing outside the door by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:51 PM
The "don't bug me" I take it refers to the other person waiting to get into the bathroom, named in the title-
Re: Censor by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:53 PM
So the censor is XXXing all those thoughts or lines-
like pee filtered in your body by the liver-
still not a great poem, though I guess I understood it-
Re: dit da haiku by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:57 PM
someone had to write it!
Re: on my hog by nentwined 15-Jan-07/7:59 PM
I got it.
Not great stuff, though.
Re: word splatter by nentwined 15-Jan-07/8:00 PM
feels very real.
Re: a love not meant to be by nentwined 15-Jan-07/8:02 PM
has some charm
Re: The cat who would fly by nentwined 15-Jan-07/8:05 PM
parts too unclear,
i liked the last 3 lines-

with paper of my face- don't use a metaphor if you won't develop it or DId you mean Off my face, as Dovina asked--
Re: fox and hounds by nentwined 15-Jan-07/8:07 PM
doesn't make it for me-
some nice images, but did not jell-
Re: Window Washer (midtown) by ecargo 15-Jan-07/8:26 PM
very lyrical
Re: Sky All Around Me (goddess edit) by ecargo 15-Jan-07/8:27 PM
Full of light and grace and airiness- lovely to read!
Re: Spinning, reeling by ecargo 15-Jan-07/8:32 PM
It's hard to make decent poetry from heart felt anger over war and politics- not a bad effort-
regarding some deleted poem... 25-Jan-07/7:25 AM
Unfortunately true.

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