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20 most recent comments by Stephen Robins
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regarding some deleted poem... 16-Apr-07/3:53 AM
How delightfully apposite!
Re: Prince of Void by Dovina 16-Apr-07/4:02 AM
Why is everyone writing rubish poems about other users all of a sudden they're not funny, or clever, or good. It is a practice I will be mentioning to nentwined in our next conference call on the future of this website. We are currently planning to go for an IPO in the Summer on the proviso we can get rid of some of the more stale old crones who haunt the halls of this institution.
Re: Sensually Literary Villanelle by bwaha 19-Apr-07/8:51 AM
This is awesome.
Re: Pink BAlls by EAger to Offend 19-Apr-07/8:52 AM
Verily the most enjoyable romp around the foyer of hotel failure for three long years!
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Apr-07/8:53 AM
Having finished writing this did you go and gun down a load of students?
Re: Always there by holliebollie_19 19-Apr-07/8:55 AM
Hollie Bollie, this is indeed sort of like a song. It is sort of like a song before it is sung.
Re: The Corner Tavern by jessicazee 19-Apr-07/8:57 AM
Dogs who drink beer? Where did you think up this line? for dogs drink water not beer.
Re: What it Feels Like by laurahenn2010 19-Apr-07/9:02 AM
May I try the next verse for you:

An awkward fumbling at my bra,
A great bulging stiffy in your jeans,
Subsides in a damp, cloying puddle,
I must attend myself, by artificial means.
Re: Beetles by cheese.doodles 17-May-07/8:46 AM
Excellent. I hate treading on things - like, you know, the earth.
Re: Four and a half paragraphs of silence by ?-Dave_Mysterious-? 23-May-07/6:01 AM
Rejoice and praise ?-Dave_Mysterious-?
His face is ace, his touch imperious,
He makes buxom young women delirious,
No! of course I'm not being serious!

?-Dave_Mysterious-? well done on relogging in after four years, just one other thing - could you file a patent for this ill-conceived contraption I invented as a panacea for all domestic chores?
regarding some deleted poem... 8-Jun-07/12:03 PM
Does it have a cunt and a beard? I would ask Brian Blessed but he doesn't post shite poemes on a website largely populated by twats.
Re: A River Ran Through It by Dovina 19-Oct-07/4:24 AM
Wow - you're still producing this bile!
regarding some deleted poem... 17-Jan-08/7:44 AM
Excuse me for asking, but is this poem about Amy Winehouse?
Re: Voice of the World by Dovina 17-Jan-08/7:47 AM
I closed my eyes, until they hurt,
And prayed it would go away,
But when, again, I opened my eyes,
This poem still looked really gay.
Re: Rancor by Dovina 20-Mar-08/1:28 PM
where the fuck is my tribute you frigid bitch?

this place has been ruined by the twin evils of social networking sites and your infernal parping. You will never outlast me.
Re: Beard my Homemade Negro Jesus (Improved! With AIDS!) by Everyone 28-Mar-08/5:40 AM
I bearded my black christ with swine,
'pon which the holy fella did dine,
His lips slurped and swallowed,
The jew meat thus hallowed,
Pork is thus became divine.
Re: The Man Who Drooped by -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 4-Jun-08/12:28 PM
Right, either age has wittled the Angel's skill to the crusty husk of a brittle old flange or the original angel handed over their details to a new angel who is simply dunce. -=10=-
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Jan-09/7:31 AM
This poem couldn't be more wrong if you drove it to an outward bound centre for mentals, laced all the mentals' tea with Rhophnol and then allowed it to practice its flute playing with the mentals' private parts.
Re: To Poets Whose Writing is Fecal. by SupremeDreamer 12-Jan-09/7:34 AM
I understand you. You suffered a great loss in your early life and have spent the rest of it trying to replace the loss with a gigantic prosthetic. Unfortunately whilst some may replace a broken penis with a snooker ball in a sock you have chosen a she-pee.

Re: A hangman's moaning by Moauram 7-May-13/9:32 AM
Yes you the tool.

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