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20 most recent comments by Jeremi B. Handrinos
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Re: Paris CDG, 4-8-03 by myles 4-Oct-04/6:24 PM
Soft and spikey
Re: Fighting before bed by zodiac 4-Oct-04/7:00 PM
Lovely alliteration usage.
regarding some deleted poem... 4-Oct-04/7:05 PM
A bucket of fuck.
regarding some deleted poem... 22-Oct-04/3:06 PM
Funny, like gas.
Re: My Poison ( Vodka ) by Brittanyy 3-Nov-04/10:15 AM
Shut up.
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Nov-04/1:05 PM
Oh Jesus that's a pint of poop.
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Nov-04/1:05 PM
Ha ha ha!!! PRICELESS.
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Nov-04/1:05 PM
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Nov-04/1:06 PM
No, it's not.
Re: Where's Jeremi B. Handrinos? by wFraser Allonby Q.C.w 11-Dec-04/12:05 PM
Brilliant, you really do your homework.
I like cock.
Re: Drowning in a Fire by thepinkbunnyofdoom 19-Dec-04/2:18 AM
Borders on cliche tripe, and stunning lyrics. 8
Re: Math Poem 2 by Dovina 28-Dec-04/6:12 PM
jesus H. Christ.
Re: If God Was a Nihilist by baughworm 19-Feb-05/12:14 AM
Re: Almost One by thepinkbunnyofdoom 19-Feb-05/12:16 AM
Weak, really.
The first five lines are like a club sandwich
Up the ass of short bus surface scratching.
regarding some deleted poem... 10-May-05/11:27 AM
Was it the AIDS?
Or a rare de-bearding?
Re: The cry of the Locust by nothingtoanyone 10-May-05/11:29 AM
I once struck down upon my vagina with the furry of cotex, staunching the vile bile that creepeth forth.
thank god my clitoris was wearing a helmet.
Re: The Peccadillary by -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 19-Mar-06/1:17 PM
Mark Twaint.
Re: Mid-July by Ranger 19-Mar-06/1:20 PM
I unctiously clutched my eggs. I could tell Jesu was hungry and telepathically searching for burrows of yolk and peeps... Boulders would roll. He was hung, and ALIVE!
Re: Dashboard Jesus by wilco 19-Mar-06/1:21 PM
Re: The Cracks in my Wall by Richard 19-Mar-06/1:23 PM
Drop the soap.

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