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Almost One (Free verse) by thepinkbunnyofdoom
The truth is often ugly Hidden behind the mask of distance On the other side of the moon Beyond the waterfall pouring life Life is the illusion, Death the reality The end is only the beginning of possibility The question has already been answered The answer is waiting for the start Rewind, I falling behind The main road goes on but its getting about time That you pull in and goto bed I'll be up for hours still Hoping you change your mind we'll talk Run a little further down the road Or maybe you'll ride all the way Til we reach our destination Beyond the wrecks we were before Standing in line, pulses beating out of time Watching the wonder of the show Screaming in an out of key harmony Ten Thousand souls moving in rhythm as one Two souls breathing together as one Almost One

Up the ladder: In love as in war
Down the ladder: Give me a goal

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Overall Rank: 200
Posted: April 2, 2004 9:50 AM PST; Last modified: April 2, 2004 10:28 AM PST
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[8] zodiac @ | 2-Apr-04/11:24 AM | Reply
By my rough count, the next time lydia evelyn or CLS responds to an unflattering characterization of her physical appearance or personality with "How did you know?" will be the 50th. We should plan some sort of commemoration. A party, perhaps.
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > zodiac | 2-Apr-04/11:37 AM | Reply
A party where someone skewers her on a punt pole and sands off her feet.
[9] deleted user @ | 2-Apr-04/11:42 AM | Reply
Have I stumbled into a private club here. I thought it was for comments on poems. Not to change the subject, but I happen to like this one.
[8] unouluvme @ | 2-Apr-04/3:25 PM | Reply
nice...cutesy a bit, but nice.
[9] sonawrote @ | 2-Apr-04/7:29 PM | Reply
[8] Shuushin @ | 2-Apr-04/8:47 PM | Reply
Why does this remind me of every song from 1976 to 1983?
[7] Tara57 @ | 6-Apr-04/10:32 PM | Reply
I had to read this poem a few times to get a good feel for it...but I like it despite it being a bit convoluted in certain parts.
[10] tre @ | 13-Apr-04/6:07 PM | Reply
absolutely loved it.
[7] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ | 19-Feb-05/12:16 AM | Reply
Weak, really.
The first five lines are like a club sandwich
Up the ass of short bus surface scratching.
[n/a] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ > Jeremi B. Handrinos | 19-Feb-05/1:36 AM | Reply
Special, yeah.
That what my mommy says any way yepper roni
I'm mommy's special boy uh huh I am.
[0] horus8 @ > thepinkbunnyofdoom | 21-Feb-05/2:26 PM | Reply
No, really, this is shit
Read Gilgamesh and shut the fuck up.

Every line in this poem is something
A 17 year old would say while holding
his penis in a blizzard waiting for a bus
to the mall to buy his girlfriend
some mango edible underwear at Spencers.
Except for the fact that a penis
in a blizzard is more interesting than this rubbish.
[n/a] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ > horus8 | 31-Mar-05/2:37 PM | Reply
Gilamesh was good. Too bad I never learned how to shut up. And I think the comparison to a penis in a blizzard was highly unfair. How can my writing ever hope to compete against a penis. Much less a blizzard. The only thing I got on either of them is length(occasionally).
[0] Edna Sweetlove @ | 22-Feb-13/9:50 AM | Reply
Boring would be a compliment to this.
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