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20 most recent comments by edpeterson
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Re: Hard Rock by Dovina 7-Apr-05/3:08 PM
Please wipe, or otherwise de-guff, your hooves before clopping onto the ranker.
Re: Prayer For The Church by sliver 7-Apr-05/3:14 PM
I giant, malodorous dumpling, the likes of which I have rarely seen. It is marvelous.
Re: Moments (or) Suicide by Dovina 8-Apr-05/4:30 PM
Are we supposed to give a numerical vote on your life, or on the poem? Life: 2.1, poem: -0-
Re: Coloured waifs home by horus8 9-Apr-05/8:40 AM
This is actually a chancrous cock on a string
Re: Utensils of creation by Damien 20-Apr-05/4:36 PM
Laughing, hard.
Re: 15 Minute poem by Damien 20-Apr-05/4:41 PM
This is the best poem I have ever read. -0-
regarding some deleted poem... 21-Apr-05/7:00 PM
punctuation is fucked up. I know. I'm bad at punctuation.
Re: Baggage (3rd ending) by INTRANSIT 21-Apr-05/7:07 PM
I must assume that the misspellings are intentional? and the misplaced apostrophes?

the final stanza (paragraph) is unwieldy, and the metaphor a bit cute, but I think it works okay, and the interior images (if that makes any fucking sense) are really good.
Re: standing outside the door by nentwined 21-Apr-05/7:11 PM
kinda funny. last line doesn't work on me.
regarding some deleted poem... 21-Apr-05/7:17 PM
why the word "yet" in line 2?
laying, should be lying.

"finding me" should be saved for later. or the title.
Re: A love apple's just a tomato (edit of "Uprooting") by fevriere 21-Apr-05/7:29 PM
i thought love was just sausages.
Re: All You Need Is Gloves by -=DIABETES=- 25-Apr-05/6:35 AM
can i have gloves custom fitted to accomodate my massive pinky ring?

I think the scale should have halfs. I really want to vote this a 1.5, but i can't :.(..
Re: Lover by Dental Panic 9-Jul-05/8:18 PM
I think this is excellent
Re: Happy Charlene by Dovina 11-Jul-05/5:52 PM
After reading the first line, I though 'ugh'. Not a good start, almost made me run.

I am glad I didn't because the rest is clever and serrated. I wanna be sedated.
Re: a.m. by oneglove 11-Jul-05/5:55 PM
I have decided to become the anti-cockmage, and vote 10 on every single poeme on the site.

But then I thought, no. I can't be arsed.
Re: Al-Qaida Blues by Bluemonkey 11-Jul-05/5:57 PM
I decided to become the anti-cockphage, and vote 10 on every single poeme on the site.

But then I thought, no. I can't be arsed.
regarding some deleted poem... 11-Jul-05/6:04 PM
regarding some deleted poem... 11-Jul-05/6:05 PM
really, remove the exclamation point at the end, and replace it with 'like a cock' and you got yerself a top 10 poemranker hit.
Re: Try Thinking Too by Bankrupt_Word_Clerk 14-Jul-05/7:43 AM
regarding some deleted poem... 7-Jan-06/7:34 AM
I see you finally got the places you sought on the worst list. It seems your zero spree has paid off well, cockphage.

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