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20 most recent comments by Mr Pig (again)
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Re: No Easy Way To Be Free by Bonehiss 14-Apr-03/12:52 AM
I enjoyed reading this stylised poem but my interest somewhat waned as its far far too long. You write passionately, one can see that but it felt like an endurance test.
Re: To My Grave by Bonehiss 14-Apr-03/12:54 AM
Are you Caducus? you write quite similar. Liked this my boy good show.
regarding some deleted poem... 21-Apr-03/12:13 PM
I am amused, and think I know of the mans identity.
Re: My Blues by thepinkbunnyofdoom 21-Apr-03/12:17 PM
When I read this I thought my oh my this damsel seems lost between a loyalty to the rhyme scheme and the narrative. My dear experiment with both avoiding each for each poem e.g write a poem purely on rhyme or story not both. You are eager and an aspiring writer with potential but focus is all you need, then really go for the subject matter with your best literary gusto. 6
Re: Lost and found by INTRANSIT 21-Apr-03/12:19 PM
Wonderful conclusion, it reminded me of the finale of the Shawshank Redemption, did you watch it my dear boy?
regarding some deleted poem... 21-Apr-03/12:23 PM
Captivating and signatory of what I expect from a duly talented young lady. I envy the way you sew your words together and the fact you inspire GW endorses you as a jolly good writer. 09
Re: Mens Cocks Have No Style by spank me baby yeah 21-Apr-03/12:25 PM
Bloody vulgar you have no shame you scoundrel.
Re: Thracian mountains until the Sea by Shardik 6-Jun-03/9:23 AM
Everyone must see Thrace and its mountains, its interesting as Thrace has connotations with Bacchus and this site has a Bachus. I hope people read AND study this poem its quite a unique poem identifying with heritage and a yearning for reason of who we are and of the affect of our origins and chosen home lands.

From A Website on Thrace and its history and I must say absolutely fascinating.

Threcian scenery ranges from picturesque mountain villages to crystal clean sandy beaches -- that have all been awarded with the EEC flag -- and lakes with ducks and swans in them. It is said that in Thrace, every step is a journey and visitors realize that since the first time they put their foot on this really Great Land.

My dear boy this deserves to be read. 9
regarding some deleted poem... 6-Jun-03/9:26 AM
I do wish the term 'bum' was used to refer to rogue gypsys who drink too much dry cider.
regarding some deleted poem... 17-Jun-03/11:03 AM
Very resonant my dear Richa. This is unlike your others and shows what a diverse skilled poet you are. 9
regarding some deleted poem... 17-Jun-03/11:04 AM
What is dead-heading?
Re: The Bastard Earth by Kitch 17-Jun-03/11:05 AM
Some parts were quite the shot game, it will come my boy, it will come. 7
Re: The Contract (2nd draft) by scitz 17-Jun-03/11:07 AM
Shorten my boy and end it at the line of the politician. You are spending far too much time on the loo and I do hope you have learned to put the seat down now. 8
Re: Oh mother, thou art stoned! by <{Baba^Yaga}> 19-Jun-03/3:38 PM
I'm drunk as a wasp.
regarding some deleted poem... 26-Jun-03/1:34 PM
Intrinsic, full of rapture and I so enjoyed the last line for I too wished i would be picked to play football but sadly one was deemed too lanky for a central midfielder, so I brought the oranges on at half time. 8
Re: I fucked my sister (2 She's pregnant!) by <{Baba^Yaga}> 26-Jun-03/1:37 PM
I too have just been shafted at the craft market for what i thought were a set of Royal Gloucester china tea cups, alas they are made in Madagasgar.

Re: A Promise by Elvish Jade 26-Jun-03/1:41 PM
Not bad my boy but one cannot help mourning the use of 'beautiful' , you should only use this word as an introduction or crescendo or else overusing it makes it a tad cliched.

Maybe if I just pull it
against my wrist
without pressing down
the urge will go away

The stanza above is your strongest.

Thank you for obliging me with your effort.

My vote: 6

Good day Sir
Re: I'll be your Gimp by GAY AS FU*K 1-Jul-03/12:59 PM
What an utterly repugnant and pathetic attempt to force your sexuality on us. May I respectfully suggest that you refrain from boring us all with your drivel and bugger off somewhere else. I have no problem with nancy boys but militant homosexuals are another thing now please for the sake of this reputable site leave forthwith.

Your scoundrelizing this great site.
regarding some deleted poem... 16-Aug-03/1:40 AM
Like a Phoenix your poetry I hope will return from the ashes.
Re: for sue (20030815) by nentwined 16-Aug-03/1:42 AM
Id there a liasion on this site I should know about?

One wishes to join.

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