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20 most recent votes by lukehanney

Edna's Christmas FarewellEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:16 AM
A Prayer For God's Soldiers As They Kill For HimEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:15 AM
George and SamsonEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:15 AM
The Queen Mum - A TributeEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:14 AM
Edna's Lovely World Cup PoemEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:14 AM
Let's praise great Britannia's golden days of now and thenEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:14 AM
Life Goes OnEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:13 AM
All Hail! All Hail! America The Golden!Edna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:13 AM
A Poem For George BushEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:12 AM
Memories Of HomeEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:11 AM
A Tragic Love Tryst In The Park Near The Sewage WorksEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:11 AM
A Fucking Kinky HomecomingEdna Sweetlove 0 7-Mar-07/4:10 AM
Ze German PoetryStephen Robins 0 7-Mar-07/4:09 AM
(some deleted poem)? 0 7-Mar-07/4:08 AM
Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeStephen Robins 0 7-Mar-07/4:08 AM
The huntsman's secretStephen Robins 0 7-Mar-07/4:07 AM
(some deleted poem)? 0 7-Mar-07/4:07 AM
(some deleted poem)? 0 7-Mar-07/4:06 AM
MuffStephen Robins 0 7-Mar-07/4:06 AM
(some deleted poem)? 0 7-Mar-07/4:06 AM

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