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Life Goes On (Free verse) by Edna Sweetlove
The sun, a glorious orb of burning gold Casts its radiant life-promoting light Upon the fertile landscape before me, and Long, darkling, deep'ning shadows makes. The furrows of the ploughman's toil grow dim And, as the sun follows its long, steep path To that distant horizon where earth and sky kiss, Merge into vague, indiscriminate brown tinges. Atop the hills, aglow with ruddy Abendslicht, Sunburned autumnal copses sadly reflect A hundred, hundred myriad subtle shades Of green and brown and yellow tints. The waving cornfields shake, glimmer, glisten, A million mirrors to the glorious evening glow; Warm, cascading streams shiver bright rivulets Of glass, descending the dusky hillsides. A deep red glow transfigures now the farmhouses, Their ancient thatched roofs russet-hued; Countless thousands of songbirds sing forth Their innocent chorus for the coming night. So much beauty and so much tranquillity, Should surely uplift any beholder's heart and soul. But all the transient glory of this timeless scene Cannot still the weeping of my broken heart. For I am alone, bereft of hope in a cold world And I know I shall never know a moment's joy again As I see the autumn sun sinking over the graveyard Where you, my beloved family, lie rotting in the mulch.

Down the ladder: Dear Dad

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Posted: July 24, 2006 3:42 AM PDT; Last modified: July 24, 2006 3:42 AM PDT
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[9] Dovina @ | 24-Jul-06/11:43 AM | Reply
In your usual condition of nincompoopery, I have to ask if you are worthy of attention, even enough attention to confer words like “doggerel.” Usually, you are so busy making mud pies in the slum that you cannot imagine a resort holiday by the sea. You are not selfish enough. You desire too little. But here perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse past the poop of nincompoopery, and I hope it grows.
[9] Engelbert Humpalot @ > Dovina | 10-Aug-06/10:19 AM | Reply
You strike me as stupid.
[10] ALChemy @ | 24-Jul-06/6:57 PM | Reply
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da!
[10] Stephen Robins @ | 27-Jul-06/6:10 AM | Reply
Nice end the rest is awful. The imagery of some early Edwardian poet. Like the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon before he went to war.
[9] Engelbert Humpalot @ | 10-Aug-06/10:18 AM | Reply
Sloppy shit but a very funny ending. I pissed my pants at that.
[0] Sing4Jesus! @ | 23-Aug-06/9:59 AM | Reply
Jesus is VERY DISAPPOINTED with this load of boring horse-shit!
[10] deleted user @ | 31-Aug-06/9:28 AM | Reply
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