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The huntsman's secret (Free verse) by Stephen Robins
I'm a huntsman doughty and proud, Blowing on my horn so loud, Performing to the following crowd, Whilst pretending I'm well endowed. Robust in gut, and ruddy in face, After foxes I love to chase, Last week we killed a brace, But my genitals are a disgrace. I wear a Pink from Dege and Skinner, My tailor advises I should be thinner, But I love a full roast dinner, Secrets, knows he, of my thighs inner. My tailor's eyes I will blast, If he continues to lambaste, My stomach vast, And my testicles easlity surpassed. I ride as whipper in for the master, Cracking lewd jokes with the Pastor. He believes one rides faster, If one's crotch is a disaster. And right he is for my cock's lilliputian, I fear I moved too fast for evolution, At last I have found the needed solution, A prostethic papier mache substitution. As slow as the Pastor I now ride, And stroll once again with pride, For in my jodphurs does reside, A full sized papier mache girl guide.

Down the ladder: Of Dreams and Obscurity

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.3
Weighted score: 6.15
Overall Rank: 1055
Posted: August 4, 2004 4:32 AM PDT; Last modified: August 4, 2004 5:33 AM PDT
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[8] INTRANSIT @ | 5-Aug-04/11:17 AM | Reply
Too bad neither one of us is bad enough to grace the worst list ,eh?
[n/a] Stephen Robins @ > INTRANSIT | 6-Aug-04/4:05 AM | Reply
Yes. However this poem did receive a 10 from that frightfully loose legged angel god'swife which I believe is a first for any of my poems.
[7] Prince of Void @ | 23-Aug-04/1:20 AM | Reply
very good...that's really a nice poem ..
[10] redneck_woman3322 @ | 5-Oct-04/5:25 PM | Reply
Was surfing through your poems....and this one i really liked...
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