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Re: this old man (edit) by Bill Z Bub 8-Mar-03/9:50 PM
and rubs his hands, his empty hands. isn't it obvious that they're empty?
Re: Hecate, and the high hunt by <{Baba^Yaga}> 9-Mar-03/12:01 PM
Curved evil breasts--how can breasts be evil? Can you use a better metaphor?
regarding some deleted poem... 9-Mar-03/12:35 PM
Why would you even post this here? It's not poetry.
Re: Keanu Vs The mystery of life by Shardik 9-Mar-03/5:12 PM
You are an excellent poet!
Re: My pimp's ceiling fan by Shardik 9-Mar-03/7:45 PM
You're a great poet, and a 7.5! You are a composer, really? Did not like your music too much. Sorry. You sound like a beaver being gang raped. I bet that's how you got the name gang box, smart guy. With an IQ of 54, you really don't impress me. Go write some more impressive poetry now. shooo
regarding some deleted poem... 10-Mar-03/1:57 PM
I did not know virtual love could be so satisfying. Some nice lines. 8/10
Re: Family Portrait by Mr Pig 10-Mar-03/3:02 PM
Reads like a short story. Traditional. Nothing new. Some nice images.
Re: Have you ever heard of William Carlost Williams 24 by notule 10-Mar-03/3:12 PM
Re: Stand in line for nothingness by Crakyamuni 10-Mar-03/4:06 PM
Break it up and shorten it. That would give it more of a punch.
Re: Family Portrait by Mr Pig 10-Mar-03/4:10 PM
I re-read it and I liked it much better the second time around. It's amazing how much you miss by reading things once. Here's a 9. By the way, my father also had a mistress so I can identify. Every summer we would go to the beach together as mom stayed at home. She made my dad happy so he treated my mom even better. I do not necessarily thing that it is a bad thing to have one as long as you can manage to keep everyone happy.
Re: Limericks of hot seething love, gone bad. by horus8 11-Mar-03/8:33 PM
And the point of your poem is the following: Stay with the hag you have until you fall in love with her since you have no balls to leave. Been there done that. How old are you? 21? 3 for effort.
Re: Anna N. Smiths vagina monologue in Evangelistic tongues by horus8 11-Mar-03/8:35 PM
Are you seriously that bored with your life that you have nothing better to do than to write crappy poems about Anna-Nicole Smith? Whoever watches that show should be hung. No wonder american television is pure and utter crap. Morons like you who watch this shit are supporting it. 0 for wasting my time.
Re: Invisible too by horus8 11-Mar-03/8:38 PM
Better than your other ones. Here's a 5. My favorite part of this poem was your use of Incommunicado. How brave and original you are!
Re: Prest by GregDeEgg 11-Mar-03/8:41 PM
What the fuck?
Re: our little secret by famenglory 11-Mar-03/8:45 PM
Oh, okay. My lips are sealed. What? And your point is?
Re: Contention by Drummer 11-Mar-03/8:49 PM
Something I like. The flow works really well here. 9
Re: Blustered by INTRANSIT 11-Mar-03/9:10 PM
Can you come up with a better title? You don't title your other poems Free Verse, do you?
Re: Threnody by Nanshe 11-Mar-03/9:31 PM
Amazing. 10. Who did you write this for?
Re: We by Nanshe 11-Mar-03/9:37 PM
Are you getting married? That's the idea that I am getting.

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