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20 most recent comments by Mystictwilight
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Re: Sarah's Song by wilco 14-Sep-04/9:13 PM
wow..I loved it so I give you a 9
Re: Obituary for the Moon by wilco 14-Sep-04/9:14 PM
I liked it...good jod
Re: Mariana by wilco 14-Sep-04/9:30 PM
This one is really good
Re: Cool In The Army by wilco 14-Sep-04/9:33 PM
Thats pretty funny.
Re: Monday - Brewing by Britpop 14-Sep-04/9:34 PM
pretty cool
Re: Life's Great Irony by Tascobar 14-Sep-04/9:35 PM
really sad :(
Re: A load of bollocks - literally!!! by Yardbird 14-Sep-04/9:36 PM
Re: gerbil by betty swallox 14-Sep-04/9:36 PM
Re: the rapier by <~> 14-Sep-04/9:37 PM
Sorry but I got confused
Re: No other limericks? by gothwalk 14-Sep-04/9:37 PM
I like it
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Sep-04/11:14 AM
sorry..I didn't mean to put it in limerick and no I didn't spell piece wrong on purpose..I've never been good with spelling. Guess I should have checked first. Thanks for the feed back
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Sep-04/11:15 AM
sorry..again..I didn't put it in limerick on purpose
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Sep-04/11:16 AM
thank you
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Sep-04/11:17 AM
before anyone complains..I know this isn't a lyric..sorry
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Sep-04/11:23 AM
Very sad
regarding some deleted poem... 15-Sep-04/11:25 AM
I got lost at the very start
Re: Help! by Bazilla 15-Sep-04/11:34 AM
very strange
Re: Lost Dreams by DirtyKurtsGurl 15-Sep-04/11:35 AM
I like it. Very sad but still good.
Re: love is true by -=??lilaznjen??=- 15-Sep-04/11:38 AM
Re: diving by keatsImnot 15-Sep-04/11:39 AM
wow..this one is very good

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