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Re: MotherF*ckers Who Fuck Above/Two Story Apartment by JoyLuck 1-Jul-03/8:48 PM
Shouldn't this be a concrete? Incredible by the way.
regarding some deleted poem... 10-Jul-03/9:32 AM
I see your improving, I'll wait
Re: Dictionary Magic Test Results (DMTR) by DreamerSupreme 10-Jul-03/9:35 AM
Oh and while your at it, if its not too much trouble, instead of just my thepinkbunnyofdoom, could you add in fluffy and rabbit? You know, the way it is on my email address if you forget the thingy.
regarding some deleted poem... 10-Jul-03/9:37 AM
You forgot dislecive <- Yes I know I didn't spell it right but you know what I mean anyway. -8-
regarding some deleted poem... 10-Jul-03/9:41 AM
-10- for the title alone and well deserved by the poem above, because it is too true. If possible I'd give you a hundred for this one but I only have 2 usernames.
Re: we're insane by nolan 10-Jul-03/9:51 AM
I've got that feeling when I smoked opium and then another 2 bowls of bud, when I was getting pretty drunk at a wedding. You should have huddled in a ball hiding in the corner. Just incase the acid flashback kicks in and then things get really fucked up. -10-
Re: all american machine by nolan 10-Jul-03/9:58 AM
Some one has been reading Howard Zinn or Listening to alot of NOFX. Nice Rant. I'm wondering though, Did you mean "give me nightmeres" or "give me nightmares"
Re: smile by nolan 10-Jul-03/10:10 AM
DreamerSupreme Style. -8-
Its good but does touch on the cliche, side.
Re: TBPOD Speaks by King Abdullah II 10-Jul-03/11:43 AM
Oh my mother fucking god, I love you. I have missed you so. You truely are living up to your potential. I was wondering when someone would think to use my xanga against me. -10-
Re: Fresh faced Danger-Teen by INTRANSIT 8-Aug-03/5:18 PM
lol. I am a fresh faced danger-teen. -9- Very playful, Very witty.
regarding some deleted poem... 1-Apr-04/8:52 AM
Good, but a bit cliche. -8-
Re: Las Gaviotas by Bachus 1-Apr-04/8:56 AM
Damn. Now that's Verse!
Re: Municipal park by richa 1-Apr-04/8:58 AM
'have' should be 'has'. Other than that its true. -8-
Re: Leaves, hope and dreams by aliena 1-Apr-04/9:01 AM
Whose doing the mourning? No vote for now
Re: Disable by -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 1-Feb-05/12:45 AM
Loved it. I made one just for you.

<3 Jason
regarding some deleted poem... 1-Feb-05/12:47 AM
Needs to be longer and at least have something more reference able to chess. Sorry Guy. Fail.

Re: Ode to Brittanyy and her Dyke Jacket. by DreamerSupreme 1-Feb-05/1:02 AM
mighty slam indeed. one would have to bless your words.

<3 Jason

Re: Depth of Illusion by Beyond_Dreams 1-Feb-05/1:07 AM
Incredibly. Both the retort and the words of this poem.

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