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20 most recent comments by dmzoacan
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regarding some deleted poem... 10-Jan-03/4:01 PM
Who knew homosexuality was going to chafe that much.
Re: A prayer for my mum by Mr Pig (again) 23-Feb-03/2:55 PM
i wish my mother wuz dead so i could write a poeme this beautiful..9..
Re: Ad patres el prostitute by <{Baba^Yaga}> 24-Feb-03/8:55 PM
In responses to my comments, you have neglected to write anything about my comments on your poetry. Maybe when you address each feeble point I make I'll stop goading you. If this poem is such the fucking cat's pyjamas it won't take a minute.
Re: Ad patres el prostitute by <{Baba^Yaga}> 24-Feb-03/9:12 PM
regarding some deleted poem... 25-Feb-03/4:20 AM
When you decide to Settle, I'll donate a beige wedding dress.
Re: We by Nanshe 25-Feb-03/4:26 AM
My advice to all decent haiku authors is: abondon the haiku. If you want to keep things very short, images very simple, do so, but frankly I don't see the value in this dogmatic 575 dealie, especially here. Try a 1 1 2 3 5 8 4 2 1. Or I will.
Re: Oh holy shit by Lucifer 25-Feb-03/5:10 AM
2 (how bad did you want that?)
Re: Love Greased by Jeremi B. Handrinos 9-Apr-03/9:58 PM
Yes I want to hear it in real vivid audio you mankisser. YOU DIRTY MANKISSER!! btw I don't care if you do bite ears I still love you like my own child. Not as much as I love Boz Scaggs though. Sigh. What a voice. What a sound it makes.
Re: the photobooth by Bill Z Bub 9-Apr-03/10:00 PM
This one's actually pretty good, just remove all the "her bits" at the end (put them somewhere else). The last stanza is a touch uninteresting.
Re: deleted scenes by Bill Z Bub 27-Apr-03/5:53 PM
You know BZB, you and I have a lot in common. You're a terrible draughtsman, I'm a terrible draughtsman. You like limeade, I like limeade. You like writing shit poetry, I like writing shit poetry. You like Linkin' Park...well I can't say I like Linkin' Park. We're not as different as you think! PS Your impostor is horus8, I think. Frankly I have no idea but the smart money's on horus8. Oh and 9 for the poem!! Eggselent work my man!!
Re: Final Comment by dougsoderstrom 28-May-03/6:45 PM
Keeping the golden rule in mind, I would just like to say GOODBYE TO ALL MY ONLINE FRIENDS FOREVER!!!! *BLAM*
Re: Four Chapters from the Detective Plum files by horus8 2-Jun-03/1:03 PM
Re: At a hotel room in Royal Oak by horus8 6-Jul-03/6:32 PM
oh good god no
I bet he drank the check too 10
Why don't you give me 10s anymore?? What's with this 9 bullshit?? Stop toying with me. I'm not a toy.
Re: SupremeDreamer by King Abdullah I 8-Jul-03/7:30 AM
ha ha ha ha good one good one, in the tradition of Settle. Who is me. Most of my immitators don't get it but I think you do. Childish, insulting, disgusting, strong like a horse's leg yet delicate like a country sausage wrapped in silk.
regarding some deleted poem... 17-Aug-03/2:47 PM
I agree, a very strong, introspective work. 10.
Re: D.I.Y.M Syndrome by Rilke4ClosetLesbians 22-Aug-03/9:58 AM
You might get over this problem if you went down on every guy you met. That way it would be like, yeah, your dick was in my mouth, but so was that guy off in the distance, and also the guy who gave me the key to the changing rooms at Williams Sonoma. And that other guy I saw at Arby's. Etc. I should rewrite this poem for you to make it funny. 6.
Re: It's lonely at the top by Jeremi B. Handrinos 31-Dec-03/1:17 PM
This is fantastically good.

Also, you should read my Myspace journal.
Re: It's lonely at the top by Jeremi B. Handrinos 31-Dec-03/1:20 PM
Specifically, I am posting a journal entry about you to my myspace journal.
Re: Tales From The Outhouse by -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 31-Jan-04/6:01 PM
lol you said Settle
regarding some deleted poem... 8-Mar-04/2:59 PM
Why not write a poem about it you impotent fuckface. I mean, fuck, I hate fags. But I hate crappy poets more.

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