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Re: Random Sandwich, or, The Scavenger's Chocolate Wrapper by impert&ent 20-Nov-05/9:17 AM
A collage of snippets from the first lines of the last 13 poems to appear on Poemranker's RSS feed. Neither random nor contrived, this pick of the litter/litter-picker's approach to composition reflects the momentary ambience of poemranker.
regarding some deleted poem... 26-Dec-05/2:02 PM
Nice tone. I appreciate the subtle humor.
Re: SMS by daniella 23-Apr-06/3:41 PM
That's just what I was thinking.
regarding some deleted poem... 6-Jun-08/2:52 AM
I'll give you a 10 for the use of tractor in your title. and a -9 for the rest of it.
Re: Taste Ghazni by eliastemplar 6-Jun-08/2:54 AM
Re: Deep Translation by T. Jonathron Remp 24-Jan-16/7:54 AM
Skating with the rays
Shellfishing suits trackwise trainers
Re: Synchronicity by Prince of Void 24-Jan-16/7:57 AM
... alors
même que
Re: And on and on and on by nentwined 26-Aug-16/8:08 AM
Something a bit repetitive here, and title not evocative of the imagery
Re: Celui by half.italian 26-Aug-16/8:09 AM
Celui? Ce lui? Anyhow, nice evocation of a once in a lifetime fuck.
Re: Embrace the Politics by impert&ent 26-Feb-17/5:38 PM
Stewart Stacy
Re: Everybody's Gone by impert&ent 10-Jun-20/5:25 PM
Poemranker you are still here
in spite of that lousy security exception
nearly two years after I last visited.

What is that about?
How do you manage?
Fucking ghost ship, wandering the highways,
playing sneak attack on the pilgrim tourists
Straddling the dusty road like some forlorn and has-been movie set
Cast off from the realities of TV and film production
Lonely ghost town ISO lonesome highway for romance and possible LTR.
Re: Days of Silence (1-196) by impert&ent 14-Jun-20/7:28 AM
Poemranker was silent between February 15, 2019 and March 13, 2020. We had nothing to say for 390 days. I have filled that gap with one-line poems to make 56 weekly stanzas. We are now whole again.

This is the first 28 weeks.
Re: Days of Silence (197-392) by impert&ent 14-Jun-20/2:38 PM
Poemranker was silent between February 15, 2019 and March 13, 2020. We had nothing to say for 390 days. I have filled that gap with one-line poems to make 56 weekly stanzas. We are now whole again.
Re: Where are all the poets? by nentwined 11-Nov-20/7:04 PM
Likewise, this is a beauty. A cadence, a repetition, with or without rhyme. Good timing!
Re: I'll start by nentwined 15-Nov-20/10:40 AM
Crank up the old motor
Re: Lovesick by impert&ent 20-Nov-20/2:40 PM
She's an icthyologist.
With a flick of the tale, she's off.
Re: Days of Silence (1-196) by impert&ent 25-Nov-20/3:26 PM
This is my audience. I'm not sure there's ever been another. I have looked. And wished.

So the silence tells a story.
Re: living stone by nentwined 10-Feb-21/5:18 AM
A bit of a riddle, but knowable...
Re: Jerusalem the Golden by rabbi sammy schtupp 10-Feb-21/5:21 AM
I like blesting fish to pisces. As for the rest of it, well, as Groucho Marx said on so many occasions...
Re: Bats by Dovina 21-Jul-21/9:56 AM
Shear numbers; they're in for a haircut, a scalping.
Shearing flight, slicing the air.
Shearing numbers: as immortalised by Kerouac.

And as always he leaned his blind head on his pale hand, all ears opened like the ears of an elephant, listening to the American sounds and mastering them for his own English summer's-night use. Then they urged him to get up and play. He did. He played innumerable choruses with amazing chords that mounted higher and higher till the sweat splashed all over the piano and everybody listened in awe and fright. They led him off the stand after an hour. He went back to his dark corner, old God Shearing, and the boys said, 'There ain't nothin left after that.

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