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Re: The Spell(Alice part I) by alvinb 11-Feb-13/3:36 PM
This is not a lyric. It takes me barely more that 30 seconds to sing this. There's no fucking chorus. As free verse I'd be inclined to give this a four. As a "lyric"? 1.
Re: Rimming by wDaphnew 11-Feb-13/3:46 PM
Lunch at Windsor castle equivalent to having ones arse tongued? Makes me wonder what lunch at Windsor actually entails...

You're not related to darkie are you?
Re: Weather Poem 16 - Right and Wrong by nypoet22 11-Feb-13/3:50 PM
This could be vastly improved. The title? crap. Weather is barely mentioned, and there is no right or wrong truly in love. All is fair. Feelings have no moral compass. They simple ARE.

Have a six.
Re: Wind By Any Other Name by Edna Sweetlove 11-Feb-13/4:00 PM
Wind might refer to the flatulence which escapes your mouth everytime you decide to open it. Yes... I think that is EXACTLY what you mean!!

Re: Wind By Any Other Name by Edna Sweetlove 11-Feb-13/4:00 PM
Edna SweetAss would be a better name!!
Re: Wind By Any Other Name by Edna Sweetlove 11-Feb-13/4:03 PM
Moi? Tu parle francais com un CON!!! Com un SALOPE!!! FUT TON MERE!
Re: Pandora's Box by Edna Sweetlove 27-Mar-13/7:53 PM
Must have had a really good camera to do that... does the follow up poem of this include the spread of STDs?

Re: what is poetry 101 by Skamper 27-Mar-13/8:08 PM
You know why you're so mad? Because I didn't declare it the greatest piece I've ever read... What is poetry? You thought to express that in a senryu/haiku? Mr. Haiku would punch you in the face. Honestly, he would. In my hey-day? I'd have awarded you with a fucking zero. Don't get all defensive and BUTT-HURT!!!
Oh shit, did the yelling upset you? ... Fucking asshat. Be thankful this isn't face to face... I'd let you know what yelling sounds like. :D
Re: wall flower by Freethinker1602 27-Mar-13/8:18 PM
Ahh... this is ripe for greatness. The theme resonates, yet you didn't exectute it in the best manner.

Speak of the dances that come BEFORE your yearning for the last. Speak of that which inspired you to bother dancing in the first place... And PLEASE let it not be teenaged weariness for fuck sakes. ;/ List them as they come and have them evolve to an acceptance of death. We all grow weary, and all of us shall dance the last dance with sweet lady death, but the life that leads to that is what defines ones' contentedness
with death and the last dance.

Bring in the details! IMAGINE!

Re: A hangman's moaning by Moauram 27-Mar-13/8:25 PM
It is the TOOL that suffers, fool. Not he who utilizes it. Ever seen the pen/pencil run out? Yeah, that's you.

And no, no one can see your mind except the asshole at the morgue. Till then "one must speak his/her mind."

You speak it like crap. The final stare of darkness would make a mind brittle... yet you're still alive.


Re: A hangman's moaning by Moauram 27-Mar-13/8:26 PM
Oh, or the crazy mofo that kills you and opens your skull!
Re: Cannikin by Caducus 27-Mar-13/8:36 PM
Fuckin chernobyl. ;/
Re: The Last Time by EAger to Offend 12-Jan-14/4:45 PM
Re: There Was Poetry For Them All by nentwined 7-Apr-15/5:49 PM
Aye... and amen to tbe muse we all love to abuse.
Cliché, yeah, near pimple status? Oh... none of us want to know what parody i'd make of this... too fuckin easy, aye. Do you wish me to judge thy heart,
or thy ART? This poem.. I give a four, so that thy heart might not sour. :)
Re: that time i asked about dying by nypoet22 17-Apr-18/10:53 PM
Wtf is a tashlich mofo? I give it six. It's got more potential though.
Re: Life in the Z-Zone by T. Jonathron Remp 17-Apr-18/10:56 PM
/me farts.
Re: And on and on and on by nentwined 17-Apr-18/10:58 PM
Re: "The Zebra's Hoofbeats" by Lenore 17-Apr-18/11:05 PM
I like your word play. The beginning was great... Then it got a lil tedious. I can tell the ending was an attempt to fit in with your title... Title comes last, don't be constricted by it. Six, but you got a ten in there.
Re: alcohol is home. by SupremeDreamer 19-Jun-18/5:05 PM
It is a sad day that I must say that I miss my old nemesis!

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