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20 most recent comments by SupremeDreamer
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Re: The Last Time by EAger to Offend 12-Jan-14/4:45 PM
Re: There Was Poetry For Them All by nentwined 7-Apr-15/5:49 PM
Aye... and amen to tbe muse we all love to abuse.
Cliché, yeah, near pimple status? Oh... none of us want to know what parody i'd make of this... too fuckin easy, aye. Do you wish me to judge thy heart,
or thy ART? This poem.. I give a four, so that thy heart might not sour. :)
Re: that time i asked about dying by nypoet22 17-Apr-18/10:53 PM
Wtf is a tashlich mofo? I give it six. It's got more potential though.
Re: Life in the Z-Zone by T. Jonathron Remp 17-Apr-18/10:56 PM
/me farts.
Re: And on and on and on by nentwined 17-Apr-18/10:58 PM
Re: "The Zebra's Hoofbeats" by Lenore 17-Apr-18/11:05 PM
I like your word play. The beginning was great... Then it got a lil tedious. I can tell the ending was an attempt to fit in with your title... Title comes last, don't be constricted by it. Six, but you got a ten in there.
Re: alcohol is home. by SupremeDreamer 19-Jun-18/5:05 PM
It is a sad day that I must say that I miss my old nemesis!
Re: Past thoughts by wDaphnew 18-Feb-21/5:12 AM
Omfg, it's darkie!
Re: living stone by nentwined 18-Feb-21/5:15 AM
You don't have to squeeze quite that hard to make me but bruh.... Relax.
Re: buk has a piss by Edna Sweetlove 18-Feb-21/5:18 AM
This is something you never experienced except when wetting yer depends. Stfu. Dumb cunt.
Re: HoboArmy Manifesto. by SupremeDreamer 25-Apr-21/2:58 AM
Eat a dick. ;D
Re: "Threenager" by nypoet22 25-Apr-21/3:03 AM
69 gone wrong?
Re: nothing to say by nentwined 25-Apr-21/3:05 AM
the title sucks.
Re: Starting Over by impert&ent 25-Apr-21/3:10 AM
Why do you even mention children? For more sympathy? STFU. btw, don't anonymously hate you fucking cunt rag. Sign your name on it. Bitch.
Re: Game Over by nentwined 25-Apr-21/3:12 AM
I say take out the first stanza.
Re: Bats by Dovina 25-Apr-21/3:20 AM
Birds eating bats... interesting notion. Your political slant is rather noticeable.
Re: Bats by Dovina 25-Apr-21/3:20 AM
Birds eating bats... interesting notion. Your political slant is rather noticeable.
Re: Waking Up by Edna Sweetlove 25-Apr-21/3:22 AM
"done up both her holes"? nice... except the context is fucked. Unlike you.
Re: Waking Up by Edna Sweetlove 25-Apr-21/3:27 AM
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