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alcohol is home. (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
I find magic in madness. Chaos is where we all began. Darkness is a realm of all possibilities, much similar to madness. Drunkenness is a state that frees us from ourselves... That is why I usually reside there. Judgement is suspended, and that calms me. I feel at home then. Is that not home? The place you can be yourself? That space where you unwind... A realm where you can simply be?

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.75
Weighted score: 5.2086053
Overall Rank: 4483
Posted: April 17, 2018 11:12 PM PDT; Last modified: April 17, 2018 11:12 PM PDT
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[10] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 19-Jun-18/4:55 PM | Reply
A profoundly silly piece. I can't be bothered to dig up the original Checkliste, but this bulgingly stupid offering certainly ticks a few dunce-boxes:

[X] Arbitrary line breaks
[X] Clerical errors
[X] Cliched imagery (gazing out of window, pits of despair)
[X] 'Depression' words (putrid, wretched, darkness)
[X] Devoid of alliteration or any such linguistic embellishments
[X] Devoid of rhyme
[X] Devoid of simile, reification or any such literary devices
[X] Devoid of wondrous or fantastical imagery
[X] Drug reference
[X] Melodramatic
[X] Overabundance of ellipses
[X] Pointedly unanswered questions
[X] Self-obsessed

[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ ::1 > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 19-Jun-18/5:01 PM | Reply
Well, you dark twat bastard!
I bloody well missed you!
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ > -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. | 19-Jun-18/5:11 PM | Reply
And in that note, go eat a dick and promptly swab the poopdeck.
[n/a] SupremeDreamer @ ::1 | 19-Jun-18/5:05 PM | Reply
It is a sad day that I must say that I miss my old nemesis!
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