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"The Zebra's Hoofbeats" (Free verse) by Lenore
Seasons gone; spent up behind us now, More than my foggy memories can recall, So many try's became falls, But you never ceased through it all. Needing to know; meant more, To those of us who's tireless searching, Was the difference between hope and it's loss And yet, in every examination; no explanation, Nor diagnosis, you just cost...and cost. Masking your truths with fake smiles, Regrets sent in my stead, For my ill-favored companion my bed; instead. Friends wearied; depart not long after zeal, Devotion decamps when the struggle is real. My one hope on this Earth, For what, at all, it is worth, Would lesson your grip on my life, Has been labeled a horror, a killer so rife, That no matter the cost, or how many lost, Must not cause society strife. Functioning normally must mean nothing to those, Who've never known what it's like when it goes. It's so easy to say what you would or won't do, When you've purposely debased those who aren't you. Now pray to your God you never have need, For you lemmings who so willfully followed the lead, Paid no heed to science or truth, Felt fine with that and needed no proof, Listened to those who cared more for the dead, Paid no mind to the Living and their lives that weren't led. And if a more auspicious fate, Becomes your lot, then you await For comfort ceases without a care, The burden laid upon YOU dear, Might be greater than one could bear! Now listen to me! I know what is true! I've spent decades like this so I know more than You! For as long as flesh has been tearing from bones, Milk of the poppy has been given for those, Who's needful and wanting we're never confused, Nor demonized were any who used. Go ask the forgotten if neglect can kill, Dying can seem better in the darkest hours of the ill, And Death, with bony fingers, cold, Will Pluck each of us, young and old. But living now, while still we can, Knowing hours and days are numbered, Wake! with aid vitality; while under strife had slumbered. These pills we give our credulous affection, Procured, endured, side effects we withstand; Emblems of our own great resurrection, No longer dispossessed of bright and better land. Benefits far outweigh the risks, When life is shackled such as this, Few share on Earth this uncommon lot, And so the world comprehended not, So let us choose that narrow way, Which guides the darkness from our day, We who travel this rugged road, To lead us to a brighter abode Of Peace. With every sunrise you came, Sunsets would find us the same, Or worse. Am I cursed? Why me? I ask to no one in particular, Never expecting an answer even singular, The question regardless will remain, As long as...I AM IN PAIN!!! Doc, listen carefully, but look too, For hoofbeats can come from more than you knew, Most are horses that's true.... But Zebra's Exist! And Are missed.

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Posted: October 16, 2017 1:12 PM PDT; Last modified: October 16, 2017 1:12 PM PDT
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[6] SupremeDreamer @ | 17-Apr-18/11:05 PM | Reply
I like your word play. The beginning was great... Then it got a lil tedious. I can tell the ending was an attempt to fit in with your title... Title comes last, don't be constricted by it. Six, but you got a ten in there.
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