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20 most recent comments by Bill Z Bub
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Re: To my Moneta by Bill Z Bub 15-Feb-09/10:59 AM
This is my St. Valentine's Day poem. Think Hallmark would buy it?
Re: Echoes of Eichmann by Caducus 15-Feb-09/2:16 PM
this one is difficult. I shall rate it with a randomly generated number.
Re: The Project by malpaso 16-Feb-09/5:09 PM
I know a few prefab holes I'd like to stick my trunk into. they say it feels like warm jello pie... but like this poem it always leaves me feeling a bit empty, and wanting more. Here's an 7 for the intrigue.
Re: 9 Things to Eat for Breakfast & Why by A. Nomaly 16-Feb-09/5:12 PM
Is this the new Jenny Craig diet? I find black licorice mixes well with kisses. Nine for 9.
Re: To Poets Whose Writing is Fecal. by SupremeDreamer 16-Feb-09/5:26 PM
Because this reminds me of the old days, ten!
Re: Pill-Popper's Confessional by Sasha 28-Feb-09/11:09 AM
Last line is aces. A++++++++++ would read again,
Re: 9 Things to Eat for Breakfast & Why by A. Nomaly 28-Feb-09/11:12 AM
I was just thinking though, what mixes even better with kisses, is Absinthe and tears and when your breath freezes in the air and hangs off your loves hair like icicles shining in the light of passing taxicabs.
Re: for the slaves and the seekers by Bill Z Bub 2-Mar-09/8:40 AM
Glad my delightful tragicomical farce amused you, Blindpoetry. Now, who's up for some flogging?
Re: Ode to the Potato by jessicazee 3-Mar-09/5:12 AM
The second stanza is fantastic, "so hopeful the morning of bacon"... indeed it is, indeed it is.
Re: Graveyard(Cry of the Dead) by alvinb 3-Mar-09/5:30 AM
besides, why whould ghosts hang around boring old tombstone when there is a whole universe to explore?
Re: the end of the world, c'est soir by Bill Z Bub 5-Mar-09/5:56 PM
this one is pure automatic. Hrm.
Re: prove me wrong by nentwined 5-Mar-09/10:01 PM
I sometimes fear this is too true, my friend.
Re: 2am and sober in the digital age by nentwined 5-Mar-09/10:25 PM
I have a feeling our email addy's will outlive us for longer that a moment. They may outlive the heat death of the universe.
Re: Final Dates, part 1: through gates of smoke and salt by Bill Z Bub 6-Mar-09/5:41 AM
...aaaaand I now regret posting this. Ah my old friend regret. Never seem able to get rid of you.
Re: Going to Michigan for the weekend by <~> 6-Mar-09/5:58 AM
you sweet weaver
Re: Final Dates, part 1: through gates of smoke and salt by Bill Z Bub 6-Mar-09/6:09 AM
Deleted second half of this. Now it is incomplete, but then, it IS part one. The story isn't over, is never over until the two old ravens fly free and the the words become meaningless scratches in the clay of our existence.
regarding some deleted poem... 6-Mar-09/10:32 PM
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Mar-09/10:46 PM
this will definitely be revised at some point, or pried apart. It wants to be two poems, but a delicate touch is needed to seperate the conjoined sisters.
regarding some deleted poem... 13-Mar-09/7:54 AM
I revised this 5 times in the last 10 minutes. I'll stop for now to await comments, but I still haven't got the final line right. Not to mention the rest of the poem.
Re: Fragmental by Bill Z Bub 19-May-20/2:34 AM
5am. No sleep. Got lost in the innerwebs. Are the spiders all gone? The weavers migrated?

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