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9 Things to Eat for Breakfast & Why (Free verse) by A. Nomaly
K.F.C. and diet coke- smelling salts of distribution, laced on and curled, on impact backwards through chemicality and pleasure and absolutism, following, pairing nothing- pleasure in during, twisting of lid, pouring, blinking avocado salad with garlic- puke in ganglia, vapors, pork intestines meth, crystal- perfect destruction, raunchy best with porn bounce, my love 5lbs black licorice- four sticks a day, medicine for stomach ice cream- pregnant dreamy cake, freezer open, frost lined delight in queen car fumes- nylon head scarf, BMW, back muscles release into hand grip hate- parenthetical kisses- induction

Up the ladder: Petals
Down the ladder: Forsaken

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.25
Weighted score: 5.2682066
Overall Rank: 3931
Posted: February 16, 2009 8:08 AM PST; Last modified: February 16, 2009 8:08 AM PST
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[9] Bill Z Bub @ | 16-Feb-09/5:12 PM | Reply
Is this the new Jenny Craig diet? I find black licorice mixes well with kisses. Nine for 9.
[8] jessicazee @ | 17-Feb-09/10:53 PM | Reply
[9] Bill Z Bub @ | 28-Feb-09/11:12 AM | Reply
I was just thinking though, what mixes even better with kisses, is Absinthe and tears and when your breath freezes in the air and hangs off your loves hair like icicles shining in the light of passing taxicabs.
[4] nentwined @ > Bill Z Bub | 5-Mar-09/9:45 PM | Reply
I think your reply one-upped (no, make that ten-upped) the poem.
[9] Bill Z Bub @ > nentwined | 5-Mar-09/10:00 PM | Reply
I didn't mean to one up anything, I was just inspired by the thought of licorice and kisses... in fact it inspired a whole prose poem of some length that I'm still working on. I have't yet decided if I'm going to post it though, as its very personal.
[4] nentwined @ > Bill Z Bub | 5-Mar-09/10:08 PM | Reply
Personal, shmersonal--come on, we'll rip it a new one ;)

But I like what you're doing. :)
[4] nentwined @ | 5-Mar-09/9:44 PM | Reply
I read that as "51 lbs" black licorice and thought you really needed to lay off the meth. The rest... hmm. Doesn't really do anything for me.
[8] SupremeDreamer @ | 7-Mar-09/3:05 PM | Reply
Yeah, I've endured that diet... I suspect my guts will rumble one day in revolt.
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