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20 most recent comments by PsydewaysTears
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Re: A Better God by Dovina 19-Dec-04/12:05 AM
I like this. A strong religious statement that's good both on a personal and universal level. Not too over-told or sidetracked, the focus is exactly where it should be. Lines thirteen and fourteen spoke most loudly to me, but it's altogether a worthwhile read.

•°•Gregory James•°•
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Dec-04/12:22 AM
Superb! This poem sparkles in its melodies. I think you've just sugar-coated my dreams because I'll surely be singing this in my sleep.

•°•Gregory James•°•
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Dec-04/12:31 AM
I found most of this rather charming and pleasant and was completely blown away by the sixth, seventh and eight stanzas. I love when I can be pulled into a moment of a poem and remain feeling effected by it even after I've finished reading it.

•°•Gregory James•°•
regarding some deleted poem... 20-Dec-04/9:19 PM
This is the epitome of what poems may become! I bow before this poem and kiss its mighty toes....

•°•Gregory James•°•
regarding some deleted poem... 20-Dec-04/9:32 PM
Such a sweet and magically entrancing melody of words and emotions... I could read this over a hundred times and still want to hear more of it!

•°•Gregory James•°•
Re: Religious Slaughter by Beyond_Dreams 20-Dec-04/10:29 PM
Overall an intereting take on what so many have such a powerful position of opinion in. I liked the second and third stanzas best, but don't think I'd try and change anything about the others. The imagery is too strong to risk altering in even the slightest way.

•°•Gregory James•°•
Re: Math Poem 2 by Dovina 25-Dec-04/1:19 PM
Re: To Orange by Lifeboatman 28-Dec-04/7:35 AM
I really like the idea of what's being communicated in this poem. Though I think the title has gone over my head, and the word "proprietorship" mocks the rest of the words with its bulbous enunciation. All the other ones rolls so beautifully off my tongue but that one word kind of just... died. But still I enjoyed coming across this poemette, it whipped up a nice little smile across my face.

•°•Gregory James•°•
Re: hello eternity by justjay 3-Jan-05/9:28 PM
I like your use of the "—". The rest of it's a nice description of a dire emotion but to me it's only a very general emotion since I can't pinpoint which "words" are haunting you exactly or which events you're wishing to "forget" so badly. Though through and through this poem works. The word choice (especially "eternity") pulls it off.

•°•Gregory James•°•
regarding some deleted poem... 8-Jan-05/1:13 AM
Awww..... 'tis a rare bond indeed that can be labelled as though it were never going to break.
Re: Nightmares Of Yesterday by Zalev 8-Jan-05/2:26 AM
The title's catchy. And I liked the intro and the final two stanzas... the rest of it though, kinda lost its flare somewhere admidst "mom said I was drunk" and "please stop my sin". Maybe I just wanted to be pulled more into your mind's reactions than just given a dictation of events.... and maybe some metaphorical images to bounce off of would've been nice too. And one of those tiny little umbrellas for my pina colada, if it's not too much trouble.

•°•Gregory James•°•
Re: Dying In The Corner by Zalev 8-Jan-05/2:43 AM
Too rightly this one hit home... pleasantly flowing and darkly satisfying. I like it a lot.

•°•Gregory James•°•
regarding some deleted poem... 8-Jan-05/9:31 PM
Lol... the last one is the only stanza that doesn't have something S&M about it.
regarding some deleted poem... 5-Feb-05/2:36 PM
Re: Piercings by PsydewaysTears 14-Feb-05/9:00 PM
The rhymes are simple but they don't stray from the topic or twist the syntax. Each set of two-lines connect. Nowhere does a rhyme create a sore-thumb of a section or an unbefitting line-ending. Obviousness doesn't make a rhyme forced.
Re: Summing Up by Dovina 18-Feb-05/2:59 PM
I don't hate it.... ok maybe I don't hate it a lot. Very good poem. I especially adore the beginning of the second stanza.
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Aug-05/11:43 AM
The title isn't meant to describe the poem... but the greatest version of myself. It's silly to think that any single poem could ever be "the greatest poem ever written". That distinction is quite obviously dependant on the opinions of the audience at hand.
Re: The Stone Man by Bethy 24-Aug-05/10:38 AM
Sounds like it could be the chorus of a NIN song. Cool!
Re: Consider the Grass by Dovina 1-Jul-07/12:56 PM
very strong ending, loved this upon finishing it
Re: a handful of almonds by Bill Z Bub 15-Jun-22/11:47 PM
Ironically, if I'm sad enough my clouds seem silver-lined. They, too, fall... clouds. They just don't matter as clouds, regardless of drop-rate, once they do.

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