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regarding some deleted poem... 16-Aug-02/11:09 AM
what the fuck are all you lot arguing about??????
its just a poem and im sure that dark angel would preffer it if people wouldnt over react so much.
i think that if you have not got anything nice to say then you shouldnt say it!!!!!!
Re: odd star by pitchblackdisaster 16-Aug-02/11:13 AM
why send it off to disney? im sure that all they would do is just look at it strangely and then take my age into their thaughts and think that i am weird.
Re: fear by pitchblackdisaster 16-Aug-02/11:16 AM
good idea maybe i should re write it because i have other things that i could add to it to.and no it isnt about that....but it could be if u wanted it to
Re: Advice Given On Drama by Blake 16-Aug-02/11:27 AM
i think all the other comments given are selfish and ignorrant and i think you should think twice before writing comments because no matter how good or bad a poem is it still deserves praise and i think given the title of this poem as the subject blake has done quite well for himself on this one. i like think twice before setting out to hurt someones feelings.and well done blake!!!!!! you outsmarted them.
Re: dorm life by unknown 16-Aug-02/11:29 AM
verry surprizin and yet somewhat brilliant i like it but i dont get where the title came from
regarding some deleted poem... 16-Aug-02/11:44 AM
great poem and it may be simple but yet effective..
wicked thaught (someones liver imploding) i like that one...
i think some people are just to ignorant to understand dark angels poetry but i on the other hand love it and cant get enough of it once i read one i wanna read another and just my luck thers loads of it.keep up the good work and dont let ignorant self minded people get you down.atleast some people appreciate you!!!!!!
Re: Unfinished by Blake 16-Aug-02/11:51 AM
shear brilliance.
this poem really grabbed my heart and i suppose you are a romantic man and im sure it is not just old farts that like your work i am probbably one of the youngest people on poemranker and i like your work alot and im sure it means allot to you and doesnt desserve to be dissed as it has been from what i have read.
Re: I SHALL NOT by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/8:14 AM
what the fuck r u on about?
i dont understand?
and yes i am dumb before you say i am.
Re: devil by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/8:15 AM
what do u mean?
Re: odd star by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/8:21 AM
i am only young i am still in school for gods sake so dont give me a lecture on punctuation cos ive had enough of it from my bastard teachers.and as for angels i would be glad to let you have the pleasure to skin me alive cos i dont realy care anymore ok?
Re: fear by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/8:24 AM
i dont understand any fucking thing that you guies have been sayin could you please refraise what you just wrote in the way you would if you was sayin it to a child please 4 me.
Re: fear by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/9:07 AM
i am 14.what do you mean by the rest of the stuff that you a search for what?
Re: fear by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/5:54 PM
how old r u?
Re: A Voice Found by Blake 17-Aug-02/6:01 PM
Re: fear by pitchblackdisaster 17-Aug-02/6:07 PM
thanks for the advice blake.
sounds like horus8 has been dissin everyone at the moment.
nearly every comment he gives it is always bad.i think he needs to look at his own poems before he starts dissin ours dont you think so?
Re: sky by youngweirdo 18-Aug-02/5:25 AM
what the fuck?
i swear man your poems are fucked up.
what sort of shit is goin on in that head of yours mann?
oh and what the hell happened to the first I? is it meant to be there or what?
Re: "On My Love" by Blake 18-Aug-02/7:11 AM
i love this poem i think its brilliant.
i think other people dont see true beauty when they look at your poems.but i do
Re: fear by pitchblackdisaster 19-Aug-02/1:40 AM
zzinnia you must be realy clever because you are able to spot mistakes people are making and stuff like that where did you get it all from? your brilliant.
Re: devil by pitchblackdisaster 19-Aug-02/6:27 AM
you make no sense please exsplain more clearly.
regarding some deleted poem... 19-Aug-02/6:42 AM
this poem is brilliant.
but it brings tears to my eyes at the thaught of it.good work i am gonna give it 10/10

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