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20 most recent comments by NoSage
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regarding some deleted poem... 10-Nov-03/7:34 PM
regarding some deleted poem... 10-Nov-03/7:36 PM
Your anonymous friends should join this site too, I would enjoy reading their poetry also, all 9-11 of them
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Nov-03/3:23 PM
My sentiments eggzackly cudos magus
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Nov-03/3:25 PM
I have a welder friend who builds contraptions such as this, I think I wiil share this with him. I am certain he will enjoy it as I did.
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Nov-03/7:12 PM
I'm not sure if your misspelling is intentional or not, but saddened, beatless,radiance, and of course heart. other than that I like the visual image the poem displays, but the misspelling and punctuation seems to take it away, distracting.
Re: Crampa by horus8 12-Nov-03/7:14 PM
Sounds like a whiskey drinker. sad. I like the haiku tho.
Re: Mingy by willosh salkeldosh 12-Nov-03/7:16 PM
I guess I need to be somewhere else to understand this. As it is it does nothing for me, but I'm too kind to try that 0, therefore 4.
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Nov-03/7:20 PM
You mean brake, as in to stop? Or break as in to smash, tear into seperate pieces, etc? Dreams are only filtering of your subconscious, you can't always take them seriously.
regarding some deleted poem... 12-Nov-03/7:30 PM
Yea, it's always colder when you walk away. I'm thinking of building a rotissary in front of my stove so I don't have to keep turning.
Re: Mirror to Mirror by Roisin 12-Nov-03/7:38 PM
Yea, that'll show'er. well spoken, I wish I had read it before the edit, so I'd know how you've spread it
regarding some deleted poem... 27-Nov-03/8:24 PM
What was this unforgettable gift? If I might be so bold as to ask.
Re: 0 by MacFrantic 27-Nov-03/8:26 PM
My my, aren't we full of ourselves?
Re: Holding on for Jesus by Everyone 27-Nov-03/8:32 PM
You know man, Salvation isn't easy. I hope you have the strength to hold on, it's a rough ride, and everyone seems to want to pull you off.
regarding some deleted poem... 27-Nov-03/8:49 PM
Allow yourself to meld with the feelings you have, don't flee from them, They will help you grow.
Re: Small made Large by tadpole 27-Nov-03/9:04 PM
Well, I wish I had the energy to experience that pain.
Re: Highschool in My Head by MacFrantic 10-May-04/9:19 PM
Oh yes, I'm sure you'll go far. Don't drop the glasses.
Re: Me by berdabear 17-Sep-04/8:00 AM
You start off on the wrong foot by saying attatchment is all it can be, is there no room for growth? Still, I like it. Also, I imagine all of you IS everything to the right one.
Re: Addicted by berdabear 17-Sep-04/8:11 AM
Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm
regarding some deleted poem... 17-Sep-04/8:22 AM
So much emotion packed into such a small poem.
Re: Las Gaviotas by Bachus 28-Apr-05/8:39 PM
I hate to admit I like this, but I do.

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