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regarding some deleted poem... 5-Oct-02/1:19 PM
I value the content, yet it tends to wander a bit back and forth. I feel the vibe you are projecting. It works.
Re: Words of Wisdom... by loneshadow29 7-Oct-02/12:30 PM
Interesting flow, definitely got the message. rock on man..I hear you
Re: From a letter (never sent) by UnityMitford 7-Oct-02/12:31 PM
To the point. Powerful. Honest. You did it right. Keep up the good work.
Re: No sally, lay your troubles to bed by Crakyamuni 8-Oct-02/12:27 AM
smooth. groove. you moved
Re: Waking Up by PawnedTidal 3-Jan-03/8:50 PM
You can definitely feel what you wrote. It's quite comprehensible to a general audience. Easy for people to relate yet very passionate. keep up the good work
Re: The Writing Life by poetandknowit 3-Jan-03/8:51 PM
Re: Putney at Low Tide by Christof 3-Jan-03/8:52 PM
smooth. a picture painted for those who watch the waters yet relate to the vivid characterization and imagery
Re: I Think by PawnedTidal 3-Jan-03/8:53 PM
been there, know it, feel works quite well. like your style. To the point and honest. Passionate yet simple. Very good.
Re: Lysander cried by bornagainpoet 3-Jan-03/8:55 PM

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