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Re: Tribute by creepshow 20-Jul-06/7:40 AM
Yes, hence the title, it is a tribute to the macabre and horror.
Re: To Talitha by amanda_dcosta 27-Jul-06/12:11 PM
I thought the flow of the poem was great, natural and reflective.
Re: Here's your God by Caducus 1-Aug-06/10:24 AM
Good stuff, especially: God is just an excuse...I really dig that. Very intense.
Re: Pale Blue by MacFrantic 14-Aug-06/8:14 AM
I like the last few lines, "...sail into a pale blue Nothingness like you." Very piercing.
Re: How to Bleed by MacFrantic 14-Aug-06/8:16 AM
I like the "do it slowly and grimace" part...I can relate...A silent ecstacy in pain. You write from the heart.
Re: A Sexy Crucifixion Poem by Edna Sweetlove 21-Aug-06/5:53 PM
Finally something with some fucking emotion, and something that screams red colors flashing your eyes grabbing attention to it...beautiful. And how true that there is such pleasant ecstacy in sheer agony...even if it is super cheesy and You rock!
Re: Ode to necrophilia by Bobjim 21-Aug-06/6:01 PM
Any form of necrophilia is good and pleasant and beautiful..The odors...ah, so noxious it is vibrantly erotic, kissing blue pale lips, cold and hard...anyways, great stuff, but this is just bare bones...You need more MEAT, and substance (potatoes) suggestion is this: go into the graveyard at night, and just sit there for a while, inhale the air, poke around, let the dead give you mental stimulation...then come back and tell us all about your exploits about necrophilia...God bless you, 666!
Re: Pain by PoeticJustice 26-Sep-06/9:08 AM
I like the last couple of paragraphs...the lighter falling, the hate, the vows, the truth...all very emotional, very well written.
regarding some deleted poem... 3-Oct-06/10:19 AM
Very nice, especially "Writhing in bloody embraces...stained sheets our lovers shroud..." Very descriptive and vampiric and lovely.

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